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Mod request: Better chiseling


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of course this is something I expect to be implemented in the main game at some point, but Ill suggest it anyways. currently chiseling is very slow and clunky for anything detailed; and since the chisel's durability is tied to how many clicks you make, it can quickly get expensive. The chiseling in this game is based on the chisels and bits mod in minecraft (I am 90% sure anyways); so lets bring in some of those options, along with many of my own ideas.

  • click and drag placement / deletion (makes a 3D marque between two points)
  • Inset / outset ("Pull" or "Push" a surface, makes it easy to make single bit planes)
  • Offset / loop (shift a chiseled object in all directions, with an option to loop the pixels that go off one side onto the other)
  • Auto orientate (instead of rotating chiseled blocks manually, or making a different block for every rotation, lets make it rotate like other blocks in the game)
  • Replace material (alternatively, or alongside a template which can be used to quickly make common shapes)
  • Survival copying (the extended workbench mod provides this function, but I thought I would put it here as well)
  • We can keep the original chiseling options as grid snapping points

I got this list started, feel free to add more

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I'm personally rather fond of the Little Tiles mod, it has a bunch of features that would be lovely to have.

I notice a lot of inventory issues when I'm carrying chiseled stuff around, Little Tiles gets around this by having a 'Little Bag' item that stores all the bits for a particular type of material, with each slot inside holding up to a stack of material. When chiseling you can then select a material from your bag to place (or replace).

Blueprints are another cool feature from there, at the most basic it lets you copy-paste chiseled stuff as a single unit, a piece of furniture for example. The more advanced features on there also let you use them as custom storage, beds, chairs, doors etc even including custom animation/movement.

Some convenience features to handle multiple bits at a time would also be helpful, selecting two corners to cut larger chunks, panes etc, or maybe an option to apply a particular shape to your block in one click.

Little Tiles as a whole is probably a bit too convenient for Vintage Story survival (undo/redo, replacing materials in an area or being able to cut large areas quickly) but with some more limitations on how big of an area you can affect in a click it would fit right in. Probably horribly complicated to get it all working though, it's seriously impressive for a Minecraft mod. The features it has could probably be an entire craft inside the game with its own workstations and tools (furniture making, statue carving, engraving and so on).

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I've looked into making a Chisel Extensions mod, but making new modes for the chisel would mean stripping out all chisels from the game, and completely re-writing the entire chiselling system. Currently, it's car too tightly coupled for any expansion mods to be added to it. I just wanted to make a mode that would add/remove a 1x pixel plane from the block. But everything from the enums, to the blockentity itself would need a complete overhaul to do it.

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