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  1. Updated to 1.3.2 Changelog: 1.3.2: Fix: Fixed issues with the FluentChat framework that were preventing arguments being parsed correctly. Fix: Fixed issue with thread-safe messaging. (Acknowledgement: Novocain) Game Version Update: Mod updated for Game Version 1.14.10. Refactoring: Mod codebase has been refactored to be more in-line with the VintageMods Core Framework. New Command: Exposed a previously debug-only command as ".wp util purge-icon". This has been temperamental, and so will be further documented in a future release.
  2. Updated to 1.3.1 Changelog: 1.3.1: Fix: Changed ".map" to ".cm" to resolve issues with other mods. 1.3.0: Fix: Fixed "mushroom" default text. New Command: ".wpt" - Adds a trader waypoint for the nearest trader. New Command: .map – Finally added much needed map features, such as re-centring the map on the player, or being able to go to a specific coordinate on the world map. New Codebase Features: Full re-write of the VintageMods.Core project, as well a full re-write of the VintageMods.WaypointExtensions library. This has
  3. It will cause issues eventually. It will definitely stunt the scalability of the game. The biggest crime is using public fields, and not following C# naming conventions. That last one is the one that infuriates me the most. I think both are remnants of Java that need to die in a fire. Just a single auto-cleanup through JetBrains Code Analysis would solve a huge number of problems, including spelling errors, and casing issues. Part of the codebase uses the Strategy Pattern, but there aren't nearly enough interfaces. The GUI, especially, is very tightly coupled, and lots of things are hard-coded
  4. Mods like that LIchen one should really have a graceful degradation on uninstall. There is a server command that helps remap blockIDs back to where they should be. It's a shame that more mods don't think of what happens when they are uninstalled. There should really be an "OnUninstall" method for all ServerSideModSystems, and the rule should go that you Uninstall the mod via the mod menu. That way, you'd have the graceful degradation built in, as part of the culture of VS mod management. There is no overriding "Vintage Story Modding Ruleset", so each mod is handled by the developer. There
  5. This should do what you want: The mod is universal, so needed on both server, and client. Key Bindings: Disabled 'M' Key Binding. Disabled 'V' Key Binding. Patches: Disabled "Show Coordinates HUD" in Settings Menu. Disabled coordinates being shown when hovering over the mini-map. Disabled mini-map scrolling. Mini-map zoom levels now range from 2 to 6, rather than 0.25 to 6. Mini-map zoom level defaults to 3, rather than 2. Waypoints cannot be pinned. I've re-written both the '/waypoint' command, and the Add/Edit Waypoint GUIs. Even
  6. Known Issues: ".wp mushroom" suffers from CopyPasta issues. Default title is "Meteor". Future Features (In Progress): Waypoint Management GUI (Filter, Export, Import, Remove, etc.) New Waypoint Icons (Meteor, Flower, Shovel, Water, Gems, Mushrooms, etc.) Automatic Trader Waypoints (Using same colour scheme as AutoMap) Automatic Translocator and Teleporter Waypoints World Map: Render lines on map between Traslocator and Teleporter end-points. World Map: Follow Player World Map: Re-centre Map on Player It's taking a while though, bec
  7. 1.2.5: Fix: Fixed fatal issue with dependency bundling. Command Added: ".wp-debug update" - Updates the file structure used for custom waypoints up until 1.2.1. Only run if needed. Command Added: ".wp-debug blurb" - Copies the info text about the mod to clipboard. Handy to keep an offline list of the syntax available. Command Added: ".wp-debug purge" - Purges all files and folders used by the mod, ready for uninstall. Only run if needed. Command Added: ".wp-debug reset" - Resets the mod to factory settings. Only run if needed.
  8. Ahh, ok. That's an issue with the bundler that I thought I'd fixed. I've done a lot of refactoring work recently which should have sorted it out. It's difficult to get the Fody Weaver settings to add what you want, while ignoring the rest. I'll rush through an update tonight. Thank you for letting me know. Of course, this doesn't show up on my PC, because it grabs dependencies from the GAC if not found locally.
  9. This was on a fresh install of Vintage Story, with only VSHUD v2.0.5 in the Mod List, with all default settings.
  10. Changelog: 1.2.4: Tweak: Changed folder structure for global config and data files. New Syntax: "mushroom", "olivine", "peat", "resin". New Codebase Features: Major changes to the core, enabling rapid rollout of ModSystems, inlcuding a file manager, embedded resource manager, and service layer.
  11. Custom Waypoint Types: You can add custom waypoint types, or override the ones that are included within the mod by editing the file "~\ModData\Waypoint Extensions\{WorldSeed}\wpex-custom-waypoints.data". This is on a per-world basis, so you can have separate custom waypoint types for each world you play in. The file is in JSONC format. Examples and instructions are included within the file.
  12. Updated to 1.2.1. Chagelog: 1.2.1: Tweak: Added auto-update functionality for global config and data files. Fix: Fixed "home" default icon.
  13. Good find. I'll update the mod tonight to fix that.
  14. Ore vein nodes get the Pickaxe icon, traders get the Trader's Wagon, bees get the Bees, etc. Do you see a pickaxe icon when you type ".wp bees"? If so, what's the title of the waypoint?
  15. Updated to 1.2.0. Changelog: 1.2.0: Updated for 1.14.2. Still fully backwards compatible to 1.13.x. New Feature: Added ability to pin waypoints with an optional argument within the .wp chat command. (Example: .wp pin home). New Feature: Added ability to add custom waypoint types. Currently this is a manual file edit, with per world custom waypoints saved in "~\ModData\Waypoint Extensions\{WorldSeed}\wpex-custom-waypoints.data". The file is in JSONC format. Tweak: The bulk of the mod initialisation is now asyncronous, which should drastical
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