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  1. Updated to 1.2.1. Chagelog: 1.2.1: Tweak: Added auto-update functionality for global config and data files. Fix: Fixed "home" default icon.
  2. Good find. I'll update the mod tonight to fix that.
  3. Ore vein nodes get the Pickaxe icon, traders get the Trader's Wagon, bees get the Bees, etc. Do you see a pickaxe icon when you type ".wp bees"? If so, what's the title of the waypoint?
  4. Updated to 1.2.0. Chagelog: 1.2.0: Updated for 1.14.2. Still fully backwards compatible to 1.13.x. New Feature: Added ability to pin waypoints with an optional argument within the .wp chat command. (Example: .wp pin home). New Feature: Added ability to add custom waypoint types. Currently this is a manual file edit, with per world custom waypoints saved in "~\ModData\Waypoint Extensions\{WorldSeed}\wpex-custom-waypoints.data". The file is in JSONC format. Tweak: The bulk of the mod initialisation is now asyncronous, which should drasticall
  5. I've looked into making a Chisel Extensions mod, but making new modes for the chisel would mean stripping out all chisels from the game, and completely re-writing the entire chiselling system. Currently, it's car too tightly coupled for any expansion mods to be added to it. I just wanted to make a mode that would add/remove a 1x pixel plane from the block. But everything from the enums, to the blockentity itself would need a complete overhaul to do it.
  6. Waypoint Extensions by Apache Gaming Quickly, and easily add waypoint markers at your current position. Syntax: .wp [ (Optional)] [bees | beehive | bismuth | bismuthinite | black-coal | blcoal | blue-clay | bclay | borax | brown-coal | brcoal | cave | chromium | chromite | cinnibar | copper | fire-clay | fclay | gold | home | iron | hematite | magnetite | limonite | galena | lead | malachite | meteor | platinum | poi | quartz | rhodochrosite | rhodium | ruins | saltpeter | silver | sulphur | sulfur | cassiterite | tin | titanium | ilmenite | trader | translocator | tl | uranium
  7. Sound Effects Bug: When stood in the third story of a full enclosed building, over 20 blocks above ground level, the noise from the drifters spawning in the caves 30+ blocks below the building is still plainly audible, and as loud as it would be if the Drifters were in the same room. This causes an incessant white-noise when playing which is nigh-on impossible to get away from while in the vicinity of the build. I believe this to be a bug, or at the least, an oversight. There is currently no efficient way to light up caves, or surrounding area to stop the spawning, so means even during da
  8. Playing on a multiplayer server, writable books are notably missing from the game. With no easy way to rename items (without chiselling them), and even then, they don't show as the renamed item in an inventory. For product based player shops, we can write prices on signs, but it quickly ends up as sign-spam. There's currently no way of implementing a service-based player shop, other than just writing on lots of signs to contact on Discord or other 3rd party software to negotiate the job, and price. Has anyone worked on a writable books mod yet? Paper made from papyrus, a quill whittled from a
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