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  1. My Modder name is "Apache", rather than "ApacheTech" as it is on here. That would have been the issue.
  2. Not a problem. Check out my other mods as well. I focus on making Quality of Life updates to the game, that make playing the game much more intuitive, and natural. As a game you can play every day, rather than as a full immersive experience.
  3. Accessibility Tweaks Update to v2.3.0: - Added: Visual Tweaks - Disable Mist Rendering. - Added: Camera Shake now stops involuntary mouse movement when taking damage (screen shake). - Added: Camera Shake now stops involuntary mouse movement when low on health (camera drift). - Fixed: Colour Correction shaders not working after first use. - Fixed: Freezing vignette no longer disabled with Camera Shake. https://mods.vintagestory.at/accessibilitytweaks
  4. It's been added to the backlog for the next update. No guarantees; I don't know how messy the vanilla code is yet.
  5. They could spawn with a set number of stones in their inventory, but all of random types, and that would form part of their loot table, as guaranteed drops. Say upto three different types of stone, up to 20 stones in total. That's all the ammo they have. So it gives you a chance of getting rare stones like Tuff, Scorcia, Phyllite, or Marble; and it'd be a way of distributing other important stone types like Halite, Bauxite, and Limestone. Some seeds require you to travel 50,000+ blocks before finding the one stone type you need. This would make it possible to drip-feed content to players, in an immersive, and fair way.
  6. No. The new update is not backwards compatible. It stopped the Settings Menu (F7) from being able to be shown. New updates from now on should be backwards compatible, after 1.15.6.
  7. Updated to 1.6.0. Works with game version 1.15.5.
  8. No. The game can change drastically, overnight. Once the game is officially updated, and released to the public, I know that I can start changing things withy mod, without the vanilla game's development getting in the way. I don't want to have to ever release daily hotfixes, just to keep up with the pre-release versions of the game. The pre-release versions of the game are not designed for public use. Only for beta testers that should expect to not have access to mods. It's best to beta test with no mods, so that you can isolate bugs, and test new features more easily.
  9. If it's not working in 1.14, it's likely that you'll need to delete your mod cache folder, and make sure you have only the lastest version of the mod in your mod folder. It uses .NET Standard 2.0, which is fully compatible with .NET Framework 4.5.2, and .NET Framework 4.6.1. There's no reason why it shouldn't work in 1.14. The only time I've seen this error before is when there has been an issue with the mod cache, after updating mods.
  10. It's not updated for 1.15 yet. I don't update mods for pre-releases. Only for stable releases. Once 1.15 comes out properly, it will be updated that evening. If I update it before then, it will break for anyone still in 1.14.
  11. Hi, could you let me know what game version you're playing on?
  12. Environmental Tweaks by Apache Gaming Overview A client-side mod made for content creators, and for people who suffer from epilepsy, or similar. This mod give you the option to remove all visual and audiable effects related to rain, hail, lightning, and snow; and completely removes involuntary camera shaking (for instance, when cold, or injured). These effects can be life-threatening for some people, and currently, the game has no way to disable the flashing lights and jittering camera effects... this mod changes that. Also removes the white noise sound effects of rain, and hail. as well as removing the ridiculously loud thunder sound effects. Rain still falls, and snow still accumulates; only the dropping particles are removed. You'll still see rain splashes in water, and you'll still take damage from the cold. COMMAND: .et | .envtweaks Change settings for Environmental Tweaks. Syntax: .et [settings|lightning|rain|hail|snow|sounds|shake] [on|off] Example: .et shake off Example: .envtweaks settings Example: .et lightning on Download https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/665
  13. Update: 1.4.0: New Commands: .gps: Broadcasts your current XYZ coordinates to the server, in the form of a chat message. Also copies your coordinates to the clipboard. .wptl: Adds a waypoint to a fixed translocator, within five blocks of the player. .wptp: Adds a waypoint to a teleporter block, within five blocks of the player. New Features: Options Menu (Default Key: F7): Allows the player to enable or disable automatic trader and translocator waypoint creation. When enabled, traders will get a waypoint when you enter their GUI. Translocators and Teleporters will get a waypoint when used.
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