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Temperature System


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(didn't want to spam the announcement topic with that =))

On 11/3/2020 at 3:38 AM, Aledark said:

Feedback :

Possible to make this a bit more progressive so it isnt instant?

You'll get cold from: Being wet (from rain or swimming. Player needs 1 in-game hour to dry), temperatures below 10°C, Outside wind speed.

Freezing temperature last from mid october to mid april nearby our spawn area. The overlay is quite annoying after some time and everytime your feet get wet you get it.  Just harvesting some cattails i get it in the summer. Perhaps make a counter that adds up with time from dry to damp to actually wet over-time and same when you dry up.

That approach sounds complicated for the UI because you have both "wetness" and "cold from being wet" and a conversion rate from wet to cold that is probably influenced by wind speed, too.

Without visualising the values (which is it's own issue) this would be some magic black box system that the player can not interact with.

I wouldn't complicate it without knowing the full design. Certainly clothing will play a role and we don't know what else.


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I just feel if it isnt fully implemented in 1.14 ill be playing for months with a freezing overlay almost all the time which does rhyme with fun.

what i think :

A) Clothes should definately have an impact and different clothes depending on how "warm" they make you cold resistant or heat resistant for that matter.

B) Warming up and or freezing should be progressive and non instant unless your at extreme temperature or jump in a cold freezing lake.

C) I feel 10 celcius is a bit extreme, no one gets cold in RL in life at that temperature unless naked.

D) if i aint naked...and temperature is above 0 celcius wind shouldnt have a major impact and or rain.

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