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Mixture of Ideas 2


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I do understand quite a few of these ideas would be something that could be added in but later down the line or not at all.

Abandoned Areas

These areas would be places like temples, crypts, ships, villages, dungeons, mines, cities (very rare and could be discovered underground, underwater and even rarer, the surface). The abandoned areas could have certain sizes which is randomized when the world is generated.


Hunger, thirst, temperature (The temperature part seems a bit much but I'm just wanting to see if it could do well in game)

Wolves, spiders, scorpions, types of bears, snakes, big cats, boar/pig, sharks, some insects and more. Some animals you could find, could be passive but if provoked, then they become aggressive.  

Bandits, thieves/pirates, undead (you would find them in abandoned areas, underground and rarely roaming the surface as a group or alone. Sometimes you should be able to find undead holding weapons) and more.

Natural Disasters/ weather events - Floods, volcanoes, tornadoes, monsoons, drought, earthquakes and meteors.


One way you could possibly acquire ores and/or metals from meteors, there could be a chance for ores and/or metals to be more efficient than ones normally found when underground or on the surface.


After thinking about, I have a very rough idea of what the GUI could look like...

vintage story gui idea wip.jpg

or maybe something more like Unturned but with a stone like texture?






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Yea I'll be very happy when the game is far enough that I could start adding structure generation to worldgen ^_^
The first thing I'd add are an advanced version of the spawner rooms of minecraft and some fancy stuff for caves. There's really infinitely much you could do there.

There's probably gonna be different playstyles. One that focuses entirely on survival where there can be thirst, temperature meters and natural disasters. Kind of in the style of Don't Starve. The first playstyle will be minecraft-like survival where you have a larger focus on building than survival.

Metors sounds actually like an interesting idea for getting already smelted metals (the cores of meteors are usually pure metal). 

Thanks for the GUI concept, but I have a bit different plans. I want to use the GUI Style from WorldOfWarcraft as basis. Every component will be a seperate small dialog and you can open an close as many dialog as you want. 
So there's will be 

  • One dialog that shows the contents of your inventory
  • One dialog that shows your character and gear you are wearing
  • One dialog for crafting
  • One dialog for skills
  • etc.


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