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v1.14rc3 - character creation screen trait description broken


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Not sure, what cause this problem, but i think it is internationalization (locale number formatting) issue.

I attach screenshot to illustrate problem| Value marked with yellow are integer, and displayed OK.

Strings marked with red, all are fractional.

Corresponding fragment of en.json looks like:

    "charattribute-miningSpeedMul-0.1": "+10% mining speed",
    "charattribute-maxhealthExtraPoints-5": "+5 health points",

If i change both values to integer - they are displayed OK.

Also, i believe there is also problem with setting miningSpeedMul value. I cannot see any significant difference with miningSpeedMul=0.1 and miningSpeedMul=1


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Can confirm this issue.

When strings left as is in en.json I've got this (see first screenshot), but after I changed dots to commas:
"charattribute-rangedWeaponsDamage-0.1": "+10% ranged damage"   -->   "charattribute-rangedWeaponsDamage-0,1": "+10% ranged damage"
trait descriptions started to look like "as intended" (see second screenshot).




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