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I built a basalt / obsidian generator


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Of course you cannot move lava in survival mode, but it does naturally generate. This setup exploits a quirk of lava cooling that a stone cannot generate on it's own (or else it would automatically be quarried) so it transforms the block below it into another basalt or obsidian (another interesting quirk, it actually destroys and completely replaces any non solid block). This is a compact semi-automatic setup that makes a couple stones and 1 quarried stone from breaking 1 block, so it's super efficient from a stones vs quarried stone ratio, or in terms of pickaxe durability. Pick the top block from the broad face since you can place water against the back wall (make sure the back block cannot be broken with a pick if you want to AFK); it will break into stones; and the bottom one will be quarried for storage, building, crafting, or chiseling. optionally make a pothole so Items don't fly in your face.

This setup generates basalt by default, but if you want obsidian; drop in a water source block with a bucket before the lava interacts with it (tip: click twice with the bucket so you have a chance to refill your bucket before the obsidian forms). make sure all of the blocks surrounding the bottom (and maybe top) basalt or obsidian are not solid (turning a block into a chiseled variant works) and don't obstruct this block unless you want it destroyed. the hoppers and chutes are optional, but they help catch loose items that get stuck in the water source block.


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