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Steel Age and Character Customization (v1.14.0-rc.4)


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Dear Steeled Community
v1.14.0-rc.4, a release candidate, can now be downloaded through the account manager.

This release candidate will probably break some mods that have been upgraded to v1.14 already, I'm very sorry about that. On the bright side, mod authors should have an easy time upgrading to it, because it only changes two small spots related to inventory handling.

Normally I try to not introduce any API breaking changes during release candidates, but I believe it was worth it here to fix a rather serious issue for a new feature that we would need to give up otherwise.

Also a big thank you for everyone that has been reporting bugs! Most of the bugs that I fix nowadays are because you reported them! ❤️


Game updates

  • Feature: The wooden pan is now place-able
  • Tweak: disabled .charsel, but therefore added "/player [name] allowcharselonce" for server admins to allow 1 more skin and class change (also creates class clothing)
  • Tweak: Updated all language files. Added Arabic translations, Chinese translations near done \o/
  • Tweak: Rich and bountiful ilmenite now yields 2 crushed ilmenite
  • Tweak: In creative worlds snow and ice no longer melts
  • Tweak: Speleothem blocks now display their rock type in the info tooltip. fixed hitboxes slightly off
  • Tweak: Undo wetness from rain nerf. made wetness increase 3 times faster again because players now never got wet from rain. Probably still needs more fine tuning.
  • Tweak: Drifters now approach players ~35% quicker
  • Tweak: Headbobbing frequency reduced when sneaking, it looked wrong
  • Tweak: Fur items sold by the survival trader now notably more pricey
  • Tweak: Clay deposits rebalance
    • Now also spawn in much colder areas
    • Are half as common
    • Drop slightly more than double the amount of clay per block
    • Take nearly twice as long to dig up
  • Fixed: Hunter harvesting speed bonus was reduced instead of increased
  • Fixed: Game crashing when an invalid or corrupt was in the character inventory
  • Fixed: Opening journal crashes the game
  • Fixed: Knapping interaction help on stones that weren't knappable
  • Fixed: Should fix burning coal piles not updating their height continuously on the client
  • Fixed: Rare crash related to mold racks
  • Fixed: Eating deadly stew from a bowl left the bowl in the players inventory upon death
  • Fixed: Some gems not sell-able to the trader
  • Fixed: Anvil eating endless amounts of iron blooms when the anvil already had something on it
  • Fixed: Shift+left clicking twine and linen made it repair clothes
  • Fixed: Immersive first person mode allowing player to see through terrain. Now it will be blocked by an "inside render" of blocks until we can properly fix the clipping.
  • Fixed: Finally fixed weird sun halo in some odd cases
  • Fixed: 2 different default values for world sizes, depending on how a world was created (1000000 and 1024000)
  • Fixed: Incorrect/broken tapestry sold by the artisan trader
  • Fixed: run.sh shipping with the server archive
  • Fixed: Should fix malefactor gear exploit with placing and breaking gears. panning now also is affected by the gear collection bonus.
  • Fixed: Unable to fill barrels with creative mode liquids
  • Fixed: Maybe fixes body temperature not applied (potential client<->server desync)
  • Fixed: Worldedit imported sheep lactatable forever
  • Fixed: Missing remappings for longblade molds
  • Api refactors: Added argument "EnumMergePriority priority" in Collectible.GetMergableQuantity() to fix a rather serious bug. Consequently, also added the same argument to ItemSlot.CanTakeFrom()

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