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Steel Age and Character Customization (v1.14.0-rc.8)


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Dear Steeled Community
v1.14.0-rc.8, a release candidate, can now be downloaded through the account manager.

Again, a stable release feels like just around the corner, and then another dozen bugs crop up. I do hope we're over the hill now though! Let's all pray to the mighty cookie god that he didn't introduce new bugs for me to fix 😄

Build by @Drakker

Game updates

  • Tweak: The Cementation furnace and coal piles should now also progress when in unloaded chunks
  • Tweak: Doubled coal pile burn times
  • Tweak: Performance improvements
    • Improve chunk relighting performance in heavily lit areas by about 50-100% (more optimized hash code, replace a hashset with an int[] array, GetChunk caching)
    • Further improve background lag spike issues (don't redraw inventory when not necessary)
    • Improve client side chunk loading performance by ~7%
    • Improve falling block performance (particles are now spawned async, simulate physics less often when there's many falling blocks)
  • Tweak: Falling Anvils do 20x more damage
  • Tweak: Falling blocks do 3x more damage. Animals killed from falling blocks only yield half the resources
  • Tweak: /wgen regen is now capped to a radius of 50
  • Tweak: Reduced rot yield from dairy liquids
  • Fixed: Some mechanical power blocks not correctly lit by block light
  • Fixed: Might fix a rare server exception causing the server to shut down
  • Fixed: Minor lighting inconsistency between static and animated blocks
  • Fixed: Various major bugs with stationary containers (e.g. basket shift click items)
  • Fixed: Client side exception when another player places cheese
  • Fixed: Rare client-side crash when hoppering items into part-built Pulverizer
  • Fixed: Bell alarm sound not properly unloading in some cases
  • Fixed: Able to go beyond the character limit on sign texts using backspace
  • Fixed: Should fix damage to the player not updating armor durability on the client
  • Fixed: Meteoric helve hammer recipe missing
  • Fixed: Some incorrect clothing items for the clothing trader (+error log)
  • Fixed: Should fix translocators not working when the server is running slow (e.g. when many players are online)
  • Fixed: Translocators not finding exit point and underground structures not seed-deterministic
  • Fixed: Gravel and sand not playing sounds or creating dust particles in the wilderness survival mode
  • Api Tweak: When developer mode is enabled and the game loads a stereo sound with RelativePosition=false a warning will be printed. These sounds are not distance attenuated
  • Api Fixed: origins added by the arg --addOrigin lost after world reload
  • Api Fixed: Potential heavy bug in api.World.AddSingleDelayedCallback causing a server side exception
  • Api Tweak: world.SpawnItemEntity() now returns the spawns item entity

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