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Dear Player,
We'd like this to be a friendly and welcoming place, hence:

1. Follow the Discord Community Guidelines
2. Use the most relevant channel for what you want to discuss or share
3. No bigotry, discrimination, or hate speech of any kind
4. No spamming or otherwise exhibiting bot-like behavior
5. No NSFW or controversial/inflammatory content (including in custom emoji, nicknames, statuses, etc.)
6. The official language used on the Forums is English. On discord have some language specific channels.
7. Keep it kind and civil please, excessive cursing is frowned upon

Note that the team behind Vintage Story are trying to make a living from the games sales, thus we do not support piracy or offer support for any pirated versions. Telling other players how or where to pirate the game or advocating piracy can get you banned from this server. Players using a pirated version of the game will get banned instantly.

If you see someone violating the rules do let a moderator know privately via DM.

But also:
- Don't be afraid to message or @-ping moderators or most of the devs (@Tyron, @Saraty, @Red Ram)  -- we don't bite 😄
- Be wary of wolves: they do bite ☠️
- Have fun! ❤️

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