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Improved Combat Mechanics


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PvP is pretty boring! This mechanic is already so stale in games like Minecraft, etc. As for me, it would be interesting if players fought not just by constantly clicking on the right mouse button. And let's say players would try to evade or repel a blow with a sword(this will not work with a spear, but it can find other advantages). Or for example when arrows would hit metal armor in consequence of which the arrows would ricochet (with the effect of sparks) and it would depend on the angle of the shot at the target just like in life.. And all this mechanics would depend only on the angle of the attacker's strike and the angle of the defender's block. You can also add shields to the game. And most importantly, such PvP would cause a lot of tension and interesting artificial experience! It would be necessary to constantly monitor the enemy's attacks, make clever maneuvers and strike directly at vulnerable places, and all this would be accompanied by the sound of metal hitting and sparks. You can also think about stamina, but not too much.. Otherwise the fight will turn into a rest )) And with such mechanics, even an Indian with a stone spear with a good skill will be able to defeat a man clad in armor.

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