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Bush saplings for hedges


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It would be nice to be able to fence in a garden with (branchy) leaves blocks as a hedge or just place a few new bushes here and there for decoration. At the moment, leaves blocks can only be broken (for sticks/saplings), and replacing them is hard to do and only kind of possible with growing trees a couple of blocks below ground level, with uncertain results.

So maybe a new variety of saplings that only grow into bushes could make it possible to have hedges and grow some decorative bushes without burying whole trees. Bush saplings could be a rather rare (not sure about what percentage) drop from the already existing leaves blocks and look like a miniature bush instead of a miniature tree. Growth time could be maybe half or even lower.

If the bush saplings grow into 1 block wide and 4 blocks high bushes (top just leaves, the rest branchy leaves), it would be really easy to grow a hedge once you collected enough bush saplings, and adjust the height by placing the sapling on the matching level - 3 blocks in the ground for a simple 1 non-branchy leaves block bush, up to on ground level for a 4 block high hedge (in a straight line or with a pattern) with three blocks of branchy leaves blocks that keep animals, drifters or other players in or out. It would just be a little harder to dig the holes with soil gravity turned on, and of course if the ground is not just soil, but sand or solid stone or if there is a hole/cave/room underneath.

If the bush saplings grow into 1 block wide and 1-4 blocks high bushes (top always normal leaves, the others branchy leaves), you wouldn't have to dig holes (into soil/sand/gravel/stone/rooms/...) if you want a specific height, but you'd just plant the sapling on ground level and then cut not matching leaves blocks and maybe replant some saplings until you get the height you want. That would be more work of cutting and replanting for a long hedge of the same height, but in real life you have to cut a hedge over and over again every year, so that could be a representation of that. But in the game you'd at least be done with the cutting once you got what you want. ;)

If the bush saplings are a rather rare drop and planting a whole hedge is a lot of work, hedges would of course be kind of a luxury thing. But I think that would be nice as a goal to work towards and achieve in the game, and, especially on multiplayer servers, it could be a nice addition for some people to have something special on their property (maybe not just a hedge, but even a hedge maze?) and the bush saplings might be an interesting item for trading.

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