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  1. "Berry bushes will now stop ripening (>30 °C) and also revert their growth (>35 °C) if the temperature is too hot "
  2. Well, I'd say that animal husbandry is something you really don't need in stone age. You actually don't need it at all. So if you want to see what stone is like in this game, then...hunter and gatherer it is, and you can even start cultivating crops as the next cultural step. Animal husbandy is a nice addition later, but kind of unnecessary and more of a luxury thing, so it's okay that you have to kind of earn it and can't just start it on the first day in the game.
  3. But that's the point. You can just have some crops somewhere with trenches around it, and have more than enough hares if you just want the meat and stuff. And the hares don't even have to get to the crops and eat them. That hares apparently might sometimes eat a carrot that you threw somewhere if it doesn't despawn first is not a real feeding or breeding mechanic. And of course that still has nothing to do with being able to have hares as pets that are not scared and don't want to run away when you get close to them.
  4. It would be great to be able to domesticate the hares! But... for whatever reason, we still can't. "feed them by throwing edible vegetables or grain at them. A female will need to have eaten 10 portions before it’s satiated and ready to mate." Okay, that's in the wiki, but is it actually in the game? Since I heard that rumor, I tried it a couple of times, and the hares never react at all to vegetables even when then land directly where the hare is, and after some time, they simply despawn. As expected, because throwing stuff at animals to feed them just doesn't make much sense. Especially when it's animals that run away from you. And I've never seen the info how many portions a hare has eaten either. So, do I do something wrong, or is it a mod and someone added that to the wiki though that should be only for vanilla, or... ? Update 1: Okay. Now I've seen one male hare eating one carrot. Great. After I threw in maybe 7 and again 4 after those were gone this time. And still no info about portions eaten. This is rather a weird easter egg or something that was added for testing and then forgotten or whatever, than actually a good way to breed hares. And that, instead of being able to domesticate them.... *sigh Update 2: 5 more carrots, one eaten by the male hare, no info about portions eaten, and then the other 4 carrots despawned. Not gonna waste more time watching carrots.
  5. On farmland. Grass and sometimes horsetail grow on farmland if there's nothing else, so just leave parts empty.
  6. junawood

    Multiplayer survey

    You mean, you don't care whether the developers have food on the table and a home to live in and all the things humans need, as long as the game is the way YOU prefer? Or did you mean that if the game does not sell enough to provide all of that, you are gonna pay for everything the developers need every month for...months, years, decades, to get the game YOU want?
  7. Well, they are a good way to get more temporal gears, if you want/need more. And it looks interesting and you get to see some drifters on the surface that you normally wouldn't see there. But, yeah, I think that's about it at the moment. To make temporal storms more interesting so that players want to experience them, and that over and over again, you can add things to different aspects of them. a) what they look like (I already like that, but maybe there are ways to make it even better or add effects), so that even just watching is kinda fun b) what they sound like or what you hear during the storms (sounds are already altered by storms, but more could be possible) b) you get so see things you normally don't get to see (more than underground drifters over ground; maybe storm flowers that only open during a storm or whatever) c) it enables you to do things you normally can't do (like seeing another layer of information on tapestries) d) it enables you to do something faster, better or in a more efficient way e) you can use them to get more of something (like temporal gears; but it could also be from something/someone else, not just enemies) f) you can use them to get something you only can get this way, or maybe one other way; useful or just a trophy (again not just loot from enemies) g) a storm or a specific aspect of it (that is everywhere or something you have to find/chase) can change a thing or your seraph, for the duration of the storm or longer h) you can fight against more enemies or different enemies on different terrain than normally i) ...
  8. And that is why a castle/tower like IRL (where it can even be completely dark) isn't enough in the game and a good way to deal with that is an almost safe pillar or a couple of strategically placed ones farther away from your base with some trenches around them to trap some drifters. But castles, towers and pillars follow the same principle: get some distance between you and the enemies and get to a higher position than the enemies so it's way easier for you to kill them than the other way around. If you want to run around chasing and being chased by drifters... great. Nothing stops you. The question is why some people want others not to be able to deal with temporal storms in different ways.
  9. What do you think castles and towers are? Just a bit more complex and comfortable pillars. If that's "abusing" anything in your opinion...
  10. 1. That would be a bad thing for those who actually like the pillar strategy. 2. That would be a bad thing for those who dislike ranged attacks. 3. Then even more people would just skip the storms. 4. Modifying the pillars a bit would help against ranged attacks, it would just make it a bit more complicated.
  11. Well, yes and no. Depends on the tool, if it was a high quality tool in the beginning or not, how you use it, maintain it, clean it, store it, what condition you want or need it to be in for the task and if you have good options to repair it if necessary. Let's just say I managed to break even a welder's hammer. And you've worn it while doing what? If you had the same lifestyle the character in the game has, I'm sure that T-shirt would look a little different now. - It gives you a reason to do more - more of mining and crafting and everything involved like exploring for new deposits, and if you like those things, it's great. Just making one set of tools/weapons and having it for the rest of the game, and everything needed for it is done forever? Pretty boring. You do it and then it's over. That works only in games where the focus is on other things. - It gives you another reason to get better tools, because they last longer, so getting a steel axe is way more satisfying and exciting if it is not only faster, but also lasts a lot longer than for example a flint axe. - It adds the aspect of having to know your tools and planning ahead and making sure you have enough for the things you want to do. It adds another option to fail, if you don't bring enough pickaxes for a long trip to get an inventory full of chalk, for example. That makes it more satisfying if you brought just the right type and number of tools. And again, it makes better tools more interesting, because you might just need one inventory space for a certain steel tool while you would have needed to block several slots with the same tool in copper. Adding the option to be able to repair tools might be nice though, especially if you have to build a device for it or find a special component. But if you play on your own server or singleplayer, you can set your tool durability to 400%, if you like that.
  12. Well, at the moment I have a huge almost empty plain for some tests, time speed at 5000, it's the year 1392 and there is absolutely no new plant. So if new plants can spawn, it would be interesting to know by what that is triggered.
  13. junawood

    Class survey

    It is a game. You want to play. Playing means doing things and reaching goals and feeling good about it. That's why you craft your tools and gather stuff even if you could just type "/gamemode 2" and get everything from the creative inventory. That's why you start in stone age with nothing (well, with clothes and it might even be a nice option to start without clothes) and then make progress. And that's also why some people struggle to find things to do after they have all the tools and tried everything from pit kilns to steel making, because this game gives you a finite amount of goals, and you have to start creating your own goals, like gathering enough materials to build a castle with a dragon on a tower or a huge farm with nothing but amaranth or whatever, and some people simply are not good at creating their own goals or don't enjoy it that much. So taking things away and saying that "there is still a lot of the game left for them to do" would not really make things better. And even after all the time I have spend playing this game, it still feels great to start a fresh new world with nothing and find the first flint and gather the first sticks and craft the first knives. So I don't even want to start with free sticks and stones in my inventory (starter kits on multiplayer servers can be a different thing sometimes). And if you are so lucky (and maybe also experienced enough to know where to look for it) to then find metal tools or a linen sack or something like that in one of your first vessels/chests, it feels absolutely awesome and you're really happy! Just starting with the same thing in your inventory on the other hand feels...meh. "More" does not give you the same feeling as the achievement of the first one. Skipping the achievement of the first one does not add anything to the game, but lowers the experience. Even if I am able to buy a black bronze pickaxe very early in the game and it feels great, crafting the first one myself a while after that feels less exciting, because I was already able to start doing the things you can do with a bronze pickaxe, no matter how often I will still use one. But then I did have that really nice experience of getting enough gears somehow early in the game and finding a trader who sells what I want and being able to buy it. Just starting the game with a bronze pickaxe in your inventory every time you choose the same class gives you nothing of that. If you want a certain experience of how to deal with a nomadic lifestyle. If you want another experience of living as a nomad, you might choose another class or change the settings in completely different ways.
  14. @Tyron @redram Is that actually the case? Not that it's in the wiki, but that new plants spawn?
  15. Well, they do not disappear completely, but when they've been mature for a while, they go back to the first growing stage, like @Streetwind already explained. You normally won't be there when that happens, but I stood right in front of the crop when it "disappeared" twice. One time just when I wanted to harvest it -damn!-, and the other time when I was looking at two mature cassava plants and one suddenly shrunk to the tiny first growth stage.
  16. junawood

    Class survey

    Why?? That would suck to take goals away by giving you stuff you otherwise would have felt good about when you find/buy/craft it.
  17. Try a pen with a lot more corners.
  18. A little update, because I wanted more numbers and there were some changes in 1.15.5. Tweak: Doubled seed drop chance for ebony and purpleheart Tweak: Roughly doubled redwood seed drop rate, but increased the time for it to grow to a mature tree by a factor of 5 This time I only tested ebony (changed), purpleheart (changed), larch and crimson king maple. Again 10 trees each, planted with seeds in rows on a huge plain with enough space so they wouldn't touch and harvested with steel shears. Trees can vary quite a bit in size and the amount of leaves blocks, so the numbers of seeds per 10 trees can vary as well, and you could get more or less per 10 trees, but I don't want to repeat this process with even more trees cause... o_O The results: Ebony: 6 (changed, 2 last time) Purpleheart: 26 (changed, 10 last time) Larch: 15 (10 last time) Crimson King Maple: 14 (9 last time) So this is the updated list with the new numbers: Pine: 64 + 15 seeds Oak: 64 + 4 seeds Maple: 36 seeds Acacia: 35 seeds Walnut: 34 seeds Purpleheart: 26 seeds (changed, 10 last time) Kapok: 23 seeds Bald Cypress: 18 seeds Birch: 17 seeds Greenspire Cypress: 13 seeds Larch: [12,5 seeds] (15 now, 10 last time) Crimson King Maple: [11,5 seeds] (14 now, 9 last time) Ebony: 6 seeds (changed, 2 last time) Redwood: 2 trees, 2 seeds each (so maybe it would be 20 seeds? and now with the changes maybe around 40?)
  19. junawood

    Class survey

    Short answer: There's no unique benefit that I need or want. Like I already said, this is rather something that would annoy me in singleplayer (and most likely also on multiplayer servers, because I don't like to specialize or depend on other players that might or might not be online when I play, if we are in the same area of the world at all), if I would not be able to craft something I want or play a part of the game because of classes. I love that you can customize the settings so much and you can play the game in so many different ways and find the one you absolutely love or even several styles you like for different reasons and try new/weird/extreme challenges in new worlds and people who like completely different things can all enjoy the same game. Classes can be a way to still be able to choose some things even when you play on a multiplayer server where you have no control over the settings, so people who enjoy different things in the game can play together (for example, a class with a lower hunger rate if you play on a server with a higher hunger rate than you enjoy). But please don't force me to choose a class and then be locked out of a part of the game.
  20. junawood

    Class survey

    When I start a new world, I choose settings that match how I want to play and I can fine tune it in a way no class can. Changing some things again with choosing classes after I chose settings I love, does not really make a lot of sense in singleplayer. I know what playing commoner means and that's the base line, and if I want more HP or faster mining, then I choose that in the settings menue, not with the classes. If I want more HP, I can get up to 35, so a class with +5 HP only means something if I want 40 HP for some reason. If I want faster mining, then I can choose 125%, 150%, 200% and even 300% tool mining speed, and really don't need a class for that. So I think the classes mostly make sense on multiplayer servers where you can't choose the settings and might have to counter settings you don't like with the right class. But then you have to know the settings of the server before you choose the class and that's normally not the case when you just try out a random server on the list, so I'd choose commoner again. At the moment I play in a world with mostly exploration mode settings, but I enabled harsh winters, chose "normal" for walk speed (normally "slightly slower" in exploration mode), turned temporal stability on with storms every 30-40 days, chose "never hostile" for creature hostility (and later decided to not kill drifters) and then I ran south and explored a ton and started building a home in a pretty warm region. I absolutely love this relaxed way of playing and building (I don't have to change the building to keep drifters or wolves/hyaenas out) and I could not care less about classes. And your reasons to go deep, like: Well, I found salt a couple of times just by walking around and seeing it from the surface, in a cave or even simply a cliff. Just like a lot of other stuff. I have explored a lot of really deep caves, mined down to the mantle, and flew around in creative mode and saw all the interesting hidden underground ruins just a few blocks below the surface, and I really don't think that it get's more interesting the deeper you go.
  21. junawood

    Class survey

    Love killing monsters at 100% and -15% damage? Yeah... no, thanks. Love digging for ore at 100% and -15% ore? Yeah... no, thanks. Don't enjoy spending a lot of time with food, food, food and +30% hunger? Yeah... no, thanks. If you don't need +50 HP, and don't need +200% damage, and don't need +50% walking speed, and +25% hunger rate means that you have to spend even more time with food, food, food and you don't enjoy that, then of course you wouldn't pick it. Why the heck would you? If you have different preferences and choose different options and like it, then that's okay, but don't try to make it seem like other people are weird if their preferences are different than yours and they choose different options than you and like different things than you.
  22. junawood

    Multiplayer survey

    In all fairness, that means grain only, and perhaps pickled soybeans. I think he means grain, honey, jam, pickled vegetables and cured meat.
  23. junawood

    Class survey

    Since we got the classes, I've always chosen commoner. I don't want any negative effects (though I could counter them with different settings on singleplayer), and don't care for bonuses. It would just annoy me when something was exclusive for one class and it would actually be something I want and then can't do it on singleplayer. So the only thing left is different clothes to start with, and if I really wanted a certain style for some reason, I could just get those clothes from creative mode when I play singleplayer. It's a bit different when you play multiplayer and are stuck with what you got, but then I'd choose commoner again, because I don't want to specialize, don't need bonuses and don't want any negative effects.
  24. Depends on your settings and what you personally prefer. For example you can choose to keep your stuff and respawn directly on your spawn point, so you can use death as an easy way back home with all your stuff. Or if you want death to have severe consequences, you can choose to lose all your stuff and respawn in a 10.000 block radius. The only thing that's not possible at the moment is a Permadeath where you are automatically blocked and would have to cheat to get back and play again in that world. But of course you can simply choose to not play again in a world after you died once or twice or whatever you want.
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