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    I'm not sure if there's a way (maybe a mod?) to completely disable hunger, but you can adjust the hunger rate down to "much slower (25%)" when you're creating a new world. In an existing world, you could also use this command: /worldconfig playerHungerSpeed [0-10] Set the players hunger rate multiplier (default: 1) https://wiki.vintagestory.at/index.php?title=List_of_server_commands/worldconfig But I'm not totally sure if 0 means actually no hunger at all. And you could also start a world in "Creative Building" (completely flat) or switch to creative mode in a normal world with "/gamemode 2", but that of course changes more than just getting rid of hunger.
  2. Maybe this helps? I haven't tried these myself yet, though. https://wiki.vintagestory.at/index.php?title=List_of_server_commands/weather
  3. Did you sneak and right click with the clay in the slot and then choose the mold you wanted from the menue and then followed the voxel grid until it was finished?
  4. The problem is that we now have regional weather, and the rainfall can go up to "almost all the time". And that sucks. In the previous versions, the weather in my worlds was always nicely balanced, mostly nice sunny summer (spring?) days to enjoy running around in the worlds exploring and doing whatever and having a great time, and then the occasional rain or thunderstorm to make it a bit more interesting and realistic. I really enjoyed that, but as discussed above, that occasional rain/thunder was already problematic for some and there should be an option to change at least the sound. Now in the new version and a new world, I found a really nice area for my base, started building and gathering all kinds of stuff and everything was great... except for the rain.... By June I didn't want to leave my base anymore and run out into the almost constant rain under the dark clouds and just wanted to live in a cellar to get away from the nerve wrecking constant rain sound. It was depressing. The few moments of sun and no rain and no rain sound were such a relief! But then it kept raining again. I actually thought about going back to the previous version of the game, because this can really ruin the game for me. But first, I wanted to see a whole year in the game and I had read about problems with rain that lasted too long and I thought Tyron was working on that and maybe I was just really unlucky in the first couple of months in the game and it rained way less in September and I had some better weather on some trips. But then we got the next update with "Feature: The environment dialog (opened by 'C') now also shows rough rainfall frequency" and I saw that my base is in an area where it is supposed to rain "almost all the time". Yeah. That means that this whole region is basically uninhabitable. And every other region like this. Now to find a nice place for a base, you don't only have to find an area that looks the way you want and has all the things you want and great areas around it, and with high temporal stability (one thing that already ruined great areas for some people so that they asked if it's possible to change that) and maybe no wolves around and whatever people prefer around their base, but now you also have to find all that in a region with the amount of rainfall you prefer. Whyyy?? What's the benefit? It's unrealistic and I don't know who'd actually enjoy constant rain, constant rain sound and the darkness under the clouds all the time or having huge uninhabitable areas because of it. Some rain is nice for crops if you don't use water blocks for some reason, and it's nice in the winter when it snows a lot, but to me that's no good reason for this regional weather system with rainfall going up to "almost all the time" in otherwise normal areas. Is there something that makes this depressing weather system worth it? I absolutely love this game, have a couple of worlds, played xxx hours o_O and really hope that this continues to be a game that I love this much, not only because I enjoy it but it was also a great escape over the last couple of months and the absolute opposite of depressing. But if this constant rain thing had happened to me as a newbie who doesn't know much about the game, I'm not sure if I had fought my way through this depressing weather and kept playing.
  5. I found some pots and crocks in my storage with food that's at the same time fresh and rotten. For example, the crock looks empty (no pic on the label), but the info says: 1 rye, 1 rye, 1 rot, fresh for 6,8 days. Or a "Pot of rotten food", fresh for 3,1 days. v1.13.3
  6. I get that the storms can be pretty boring after a while (at least the light ones, never experienced the other ones) if you make sure that the drifters can't spawn around you (or on your block...yep, found out that's possible when one spawned on the block where I was standing in a 2x2x1 apparently not so safe storm bunker), but they can be a nice addition if you use them to hopefully get some more temporal gears or other stuff by digging some traps for the drifters.
  7. When you find limestone, you should have more than enough for a looong time. So adding a boss fight to get a near infinite amount is kinda useless. It also doesn't really make much sense for the realistic approach of the game (a boss fight for a normal natural resource?) and I don't think that this is the type of game for boss fights anyway, but I'm not totally sure what the plans for this game are or how they might change over time. But you definitely get all kinds of extra stuff from a journey, often more than you can carry home, so you have to build storage bunkers along the way or just leave some stuff in trader wagons to pick up later. I really like to go on those "hikes". Just enjoy the scenery, find beautiful areas and interesting landmarks, maybe even a new place for a base, try climbing the highest mountains or find a way around them or other difficult terrains, collect some seeds and terra preta and all kinds of stuff that you find along the way, find more traders and maybe spend some time there to earn gears or just sell/buy some things, find new types of ruins and underground ruins and check them for hidden rooms and take all the great stuff you can find in there and maybe the building materials with you, and maybe you didn't have bees yet but find some on one of those trips, or you find other stone types that you want for your buildings or where you have a chance to find other things you were looking for, ... There's a lot to do and enjoy on those trips. Like I explained above... I'm one of those who really love those trips, and I am not sure how you manage to lose resources and not get anything else. o_O You can find all kinds of stuff. Useful things like better beds, beautiful things like decorated vessels, things you can just collect or sell to traders (for example you could collect all the clothes you find, and just sell the duplicates or just sell everything you don't want to wear yourself as soon as you find a trader who wants it), and there are some interesting things in the game that you can only find in special ruins.
  8. Hi! Just a few points: The lime stone... Well, yes, it can be hard to find (but also very easy), and maybe it needs more balancing. But the game also needs some challenges, right? I actually don't really use that much leather. Just for the backpacks (those are quite important), but somehow armor was never really a necessity (just annoying with the walking speed reduction, the noise and increased hunger). Though lime might become more important later in the game if you want some blocks for building that need mortar. Not sure what you're doing that you need that much charcoal, but could it be that you're just using way too much charcoal for processes that can be done with less? Have you tried out what the minimal amounts are? Heating up 4 ingots in the forge for smithing needs only 1 charcoal, for example. Not sure what you mean. Maybe you have view bobbing turned off? With view bobbing, it feels pretty natural to me when I'm running. Though the up and down movement when I'm just walking in the game is way too much in my opinion. Do some people really walk that bouncy? But yep, the combat with drifters hitting you when they're turned away from you and things like that is a bit weird at the moment.
  9. Lowering the harvesting interaction info, so that it's no longer hidden behind the block information (farmland + crop) when you look down at a crop.
  10. Luckily, I don't have to mark mature spelt on the map when I find it in my own garden. So yes, wild crops. ^^ Okay, thanks, Tyron, that makes sense. So it was just a rare coincidence of standing right in front of it and closing the map when that happened.
  11. I found some spelt, one mature, opened the map, marked the spot, closed the map and the mature spelt "disappeared" in front of my eyes. Well, it went back to growing stage 1, so I might be able to harvest it later, but... v1.13.1
  12. Yup, sets in the north east, or more exactly NNO. Not sure where it rises though. Can't see much through the rain(clouds).
  13. We have drifters, locusts, lava, water(falls), temporal instability, falling sand/gravel, falling to death in deep holes, ... And if you make mining and cave exloring too dangerous and/or slow, it just becomes annoying for a lot of people, maybe even to a point where they might completely avoid caves/mining, meaning it destroys this whole part of the game for them.
  14. I haven't build a single completely straight road in this game yet, and I am not sure if I ever will. And automatically messing with where I am heading and where my mouse it pointing, would be absolutely horrible. Sorry, but that's my point of view.
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