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  1. this is in my opinion the biggest issue , visually . It make all the landscape look the same , and it looks very tasteless . I mean i love autumn , but other seasons such as spring and Summer are not very well handled . It really feels unatural and it doesn't help to find a specific place when lost because everything looks the same . "The whole game colors are looking bland and colorless", "look the same", "tasteless"? Do the three screenshots I added look like that to you? o_O
  2. Maybe the length of the months was changed? We had this once on a server and one moment I was running on a sunny summer field, then I got kicked off the server, and when I got back on the server just a few moments later, it was dark, snowing and late autumn. Biome colors can change quite a bit over seasons, so if it's another month now on the server, that might be the reason.
  3. Updates change things and sometimes mods don't work properly anymore with those changes and have to be updated as well.
  4. You can look up the rock types in the handbook. I found a lot of borax in sandstone, so I'm sure you'll find some soon. Not sure about the propick, I haven't used and needed it since....1.13 maybe?
  5. You realize that it's a really tiny team working on this game that's already really great in early access, and especially Tyron has a lot to do developing this and getting rid of bugs, that are reported to him here in the forum, per messages, on github, on discord, ...? So give him a little time to look at all of that and to respond to you and a lot of other people. If the problem is caused by a mod, it might even be something the creator of the mod has to look at and maybe try to fix. And if you're really interested in just getting rid of the problem as soon as possible, maybe do wh
  6. I normally simply find borax while exploring caves or looking at stones laying around, and a lot more than I need. But of course you need the right type of stone in the area, so sandstone, shale, chert and some others are what you should be looking for.
  7. Could it have something to do with the lantern?
  8. Well, the clay vessels have more slots, so.... ;D
  9. Do you mean reed baskets (the ones with the lid; simply RMB) or hand baskets (the ones with the handle; maybe with a mod)?
  10. Yes, it's lovely. They are already in the game. There are areas with different saturation levels in the game and the colors change throughout the year. Explore a bit more, and stay away from the more desaturated ones if you don't like them. I can only guess that you didn't spend enough time in the game to see other cloud types?
  11. I don't think there needs to be an exact explanation for why the trader is gone or dead. He might just have died of old age, was sick, fell into a cave nearby, ate the wrong stuff, tried to pet a wolf puppy, or it was a case of "Dad's on a hunting trip and he hasn't been home in a few days..." [Hey, SPN Family!] ;D Maybe he met another trader and joined them or just gave up that job and left to find a better place to live... Who knows. There doesn't have to be an explanation for it, unless he leaves a note that has something to do with him leaving or dying, but even then it can just be hints
  12. I guess everyone who has played this game for some time might have once in a while found a trader wagon where a part or the trader was missing. But what if there were some really rare actual trador wagon ruins? Maybe overgrown with trees, vines and bushes, or the new moss or lichen on some of the blocks, and maybe even with one of those new human skeletons in or next to them? The wagons could look like the trader had no time to take anything with him, or it could look like he packed some stuff before he...maybe fled or just joined another trader. The wagons could be complete or with some blo
  13. You can build a wall out of simple stuff like soil or cobblestone around your base and use some torches to light up the area so that they can't spawn there.
  14. That happens sometimes, and I think someone said it might have something to do with chunk borders. Not sure. You can either simply ignore it and see it as another type of ruin, or you can try to fix it in Creative Mode.
  15. https://wiki.vintagestory.at/index.php?title=Bighorn_sheep "The most unfluffy sheep ever." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bighorn_sheep On some of the photos they look kinda fluffy, but if you look at them at 100%, it looks like pretty coarse hair and not wool. But now I really like the idea of having yaks in the game, in colder regions. They could look quite impressive, especially in bigger herds, and you could get meat, fat, hides, bones, milk and wool from them, and they would be great as pack animals and mounts.
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