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.charsel command is not saving player info


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I logged on to our server and started editing my skin.  I switched after looking at most options to the class selector(by clicking on the top of the window), found a class I liked and clicked confirm class.  The window closed at this point with my skin a random mess.  I was told to use .charsel to edit again, set up my skin the way I wanted it, confirmed the skin, selected my class, confirmed the class, the window closed, my skin was the way I wanted it for about 1 second, then reverted back to the mess.  We have tried without success to reset my player, I have relogged numerous times, even tried restarting the game.  It just won't stick.  All of this will be in my next video on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3GCLh8l1HcL4gB2tcnk82Q

Edit:  The skin editor window can close without the skin being confirmed when you confirm the class.  It seems like the UI should require both to be confirmed before the window closes.

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