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  1. I almost didn't get into Vintage Story for this reason exactly. For some reason whenever we set up the server it would start the world at night. It was too dark to play, and it didn't matter how I tweaked my settings. Not knowing anything about the game, and having to wait 20 minutes before being able to do anything was very discouraging, we gave up on it and I had no real incline to try it out again. A week later we decided to give it another shot, In the end I just looked up a command to set it to daytime. I don't mind it being pitch black. In rust, that was an exciting part of t
  2. I'd like to see the bag system overhauled entirely. Doesn't really make sense to have 4 backpacks... I'd rather just have one or two slots, and have more options to craft bigger bags at the cost of more resources.
  3. I believe that's planned already. Just give it some time, I'm sure we'll see it in game soon.
  4. Anyone else having this problem? Seems like my chests and storage vessels aren't consistent. Somedays i'll log on and it'll say .54x perishing speed, when it used to be .26x. Breaking the chests and placing it back down fixes the problem temporary. Does the speed of decay actually change, or is this just a text error? Before anyone asks, the door is closed, the cellar is built correctly etc. It's not a user problem, it's just buggy.
  5. Yes I am in 1.14.7. Like I said, I had it working in the correct orientation the first batch of steel I made. It wasn't until I added the tier 3 bricks that it broke.
  6. I was able to use it once facing the correct way. After replacing some of the walls with tier 3 bricks, the blueprint now registers that it needs to be facing the opposite way. I tried removing the coffin and placing it again in different ways, still is giving me a forced orientation facing east. Help
  7. Here's an update. I've ended up filling my basement with rooms, and now the temperature seems to lower rather than increase. Very bizarre, I do not understand this at all. I'm starting to think that maybe the game registered the area as a cave?
  8. I noticed that the countdown for them to flower/ripen gets reset when the temperature falls below 0 degrees. In that regards it can make or break a farm. I was having trouble growing my berries until I built a greenhouse over them. My base is very high up, so it gets very cold. The extra 5 degrees helped.
  9. New update caused all my berry bushes to un-align. Not sure if this is intentional, but it looks very strange. Also, removing them and placing them again doesn't fix this.
  10. I believe they do. The +5 degree status effect appears directly on the berry bush when in a greenhouse.
  11. I really appreciate the more realistic color palette. Minecraft is too saturated for my taste, feels like i'm in lego land. I'd keep the colors the way they are, though I do agree that the clouds could be improved on.
  12. This is very interesting. I don't think this is the case for my base, since I also freeze when I'm at sea level, 110. My base begins roughly at 170 blocks high, and reaches over 200 blocks. With no heat sources, no wetness, if I climb down the ladder to the outside, I start freezing to death, climb back up into the basement (again, not insulated), I start gaining temperature. Then if I go up the stairs to my main section of the house, I start freezing again. It's almost as if the basement, which is the furthest area away from the outside opening, is in fact shielded from the cold, despite
  13. I am sure. There is nothing in that large space that would cause heating. My base is 200 blocks high. It is freezing up there. I will start taking damage very quickly anywhere else in the house, I have to constantly light my firepits to stay alive. So it is very odd that the basement, which has no torches, sources of heat, and direct access to the outside, is warm...
  14. So I did some further testing. The wiki page doesn't seem to be accurate. In my house I have made a large open area, probably close to 50x10x50 blocks, with access to an open balcony 3 stories above. There are no doors, just a spiral staircase. For whatever reason the large open area is insulated, my temperature rises when I'm there. However, some of the smaller rooms above aren't, in fact I freeze pretty quickly. I've also noticed that the cellar isn't insulated either, my temperature drops there as well. Even though it follows the 7x7x7 parameters. No chiseled blocks, or anything. The foo
  15. Thanks for the help! I had tried removing the large gear and placing it back, with the clutch disengaged and everything. I tried a million different things, couldn't get it to work. Turns out, having the power feed into the large gear from the top middle section of the wheel was causing it not to work. I am not sure if this is part of the game mechanic or a bug. I ended up moving things around, and it worked out.
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