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Warlord Knight

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So far playing the game, i've learned it's deeply complex and intricate, and well worth renting a server and purchasing this product for not just myself, but also two of my friends! I'm more than happy to support these Devs who have made a huge leap or progress in 3 years from what all I have seen!
However, a few things I thought would be great ideas I listed in sections below;
1, NPCs other than traders. perhaps others who have made small communities amidst the upper world, some that might be in the ruins of the previous realm, built on the tops of them, or even made their own from scratch. These could be in a feudal-esq society, with nobles, peasants, warriors, and merchants, something to bring to life the world and make it feel living and breathing that much more! In addition, these could also be things like hired mercenaries who will join your party for a set price, or people you can help out in the world who are all alone, and in helping them, they'll join or reward you. (very simple system of 'follow me' and 'stand here, guard here')
2, Palisades, Cheval de frise(siege spikes), angled wooden supports, wooden flooring (like flat sticks, and could be put on top of angled supports like an extended rampart),  Wood walls are cool, but palisades would make a perfect addition for any early game defenses, along with adding defensive value, these could create a great building value!
3, wood-and-rope doors (early game doors with rope acting as hinges), wooden gates (large reinforced doors), siege ladders. Early game doors would be great so you don't need to constantly place dirt to hole yourself in, instead have a flimsy stick door tied together with whatever you can scrounge! Large wooden gates of different dimensions would also excellently with any castle or fortification! Siege ladders finally would act as a non-griefing way to raid and besiege fortifications, perhaps even useable/placeable by mobs down the line who will threaten the security of your homestead or castle, and try to lay siege! (placing down multiple ladder-blocks that lay flat in a straight line, going to one end, and right-clicking on it to raise that end upwards, to be placed at the base or edge of wherever the wall might be so it will stand at a nearly straight-up position when in an upwards motion, these can go up to a certain height limit)
4, weapon variety. Polearms, longswords, axes, etc. All of them hit a certain amount of hard and at a certain speed, and have a certain reach!

These are all of the ideas I have come up with, with NPCs in your party, this could make great for PvP with NPCs to fight alongside them in pitched battles, along with defend your base while offline! With siege ladders and gates, this could make great for trying to break down doors or scale walls, adding that much more content!

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