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One game day is 48 RL minutes... I think. I might be wrong. If I am, someone else is sure to come by to correct me.

Season length can be configured in your world settings. The default is 9 days per month. There are 12 months per year -> 108 days per year -> 86.4 hours of RL playtime per ingame year. Unless you play on a multiplayer server, where time might progress even when you are not playing (it keeps going as long as someone is online).

Day and night depend on your location in the world. There are poles and equators alternating every couple ten thousand blocks (the distance is configurable), and all sorts of climate zones between them, including deserts, jungles, temperate forests, and ice fields. If it is winter and you are north of an equator, the nights are going to be longer than the days; south, it's the other way around. And in summer, obviously, this is reversed, just like in real life. If you go near a pole, you can have a neverending day in summer and a neverending night in winter - just like in real life.

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