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  • Refactor decal system (which is draws the block breaking animation), can now draw decals on any block model (e.g. cross damage texture on a grass block)
  • Finished item rendering system (voxel style items)

  • Begin work on block entities (needed for chests)
  • Added new properties to blocks and items to modify size, position and rotation when they are displayed in the gui, the players hand or on the ground.
  • Reworked single player dialogs. Can now create and select existing worlds from a neat menu.
    Also added 2 new gui elements: A toggle button and hover text.

  • Added ability to pass custom settings when starting a single player server (like world name, etc.). Begin work of different playstyles. Added super flat world generation for creative playstyle. So now a player can choose to play a survival with normal world generation or creative with superflat worldgen.
  • Added a very basic loading screen before the main menu appears (takes about 4 seconds)


Above GUI Screenshot reveals one essential difference from Vintagecraft - the introduction of Playstyles. I'm quite hopeful that I managed to distill some of them most interesting play styles of a voxel game into 4 distinct modes. 

  • Wilderness Survival: If you know TerraFirmaCraft or Don't Starve then you should have an idea what this means :-)
    This play style would alter standard gameplay in a few but significant places to shift the main focus onto survival and place a smaller focus on creative building. In the future this would be the playstyle that could include natural disasters and other game mechanics that destory the terrain.
  • Survive and Build: The standard mode. A healthy balance between surviving and building
  • Survive and Automate: Like 'Survive and Build' bit with larger focus on automating your farms and material refining processes. Again only a few but significant changes. Like the introduction of advanced automation, logistics and other technical blocks and perhaps some sort of jetpack like device that requires fuel?
  • Creative Building: No survival aspect. Infinite supply of blocks. Can fly around freely. 


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