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vOS Endlesshotfix (v1.5.1.4)


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Version, a stable release, is now ready for download in the account manager.

I was already happily working on new features, but the last night revealed another client crash and entity inactivity issues. Not really sure what to do about that, other than to keep pushing bugfix releases  :<

But to alleviate the constant update annoyance I made it easier to update for windows users. When you check "Other Downloads" in the account manager you can find an Update/NoMusic installer version of the game. This installer contains the full game, except for the music, and does not uninstall the previous version of the game. That reduces the file size by a factor of 10. Let's see how this goes. 

You'll also be getting a few small tweaks that were supposed to be for 1.5.2. They are all minor and shouldn't cause more breakage. I should probably be doing proper stable/development branch style game development, but meh >.>
Let's see for how long I can do this until I shoot myself in the foot :D

On the price of Vintage Story
First of all, thank you for participating on the forum and twitter polls. I greatly enjoyed reading everyones feedback and it helped me weigh in the pros and cons. A surprising 73% and 87% respectively of you decided that raising the price is acceptable. Starting from 1.5.2, the price will be set to 10 EUR/12.5 USD on the Website and the Humble Widget. I'll also send out a 50% off coupon for everyone that purchased the game so far as a thank you for the early support. Whoever purchased the supporter addon will receive a second 50% off coupon.

Anyhow. Here's whats new.

Game Account Manager

  • Added Update/NoMusic version of the windows installer

Game updates

  • Feature: Tool/Ingot molds can now be picked up with RMB
  • Feature: Charcoal firepit block now shows in the block info how much time is left before ignition 
  • Tweak: The clay form surface gives you a hint in the block info to press 'F'
  • Tweak: Ladders are now less slide-y and should no longer make player glitch into blocks,
  • Tweak: Backpacks now show their contents in the tool tip
  • Tweak: 3rd person camera is now a bit more tolerant towards covered player heads (does not zoom in if just the head is covered)
  • Fixed: .clientconfig setting bool values not case insensetive, added server entity debug commands,
  • Fixed: Probably fixes a server side exception with item pickup
  • Fixed: Prevent firepit (and other broken block entities) from crashing the game
  • Fixed: Unloaded Entities no longer getting properly loaded when the chunk was loaded again. Cause items to be no longer collectable and creatures staying frozen in place
  • Fixed: Pumpkin crop too dark, vine withered stage wrongly named

API Updates

  • Tweak: Currently mapped hotkeys now exposed to the api
  • Fixed: Client chat notifications passing correct enumchattype arg


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