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Hey everyone!


My Name is Haku ,i'm 23 years old and i'm from Switzerland.

I invested a lot of my lifetime in sandboxgames also in survivalgames.

First before i get to the point, i want to say "wow Vintagestory is a great game for what it offers so far".

I think personally the best are mechanics such as pottery and smithing.
Please keep in mind: "this post comes just from a person that would see this game in future"
Farming like searching for seeds to plant them, watering and defending from the rough wildlife is a nice idea
and the mechanics behind them is good.
One thing that it needs is (in my sight) a mechanic that allows you to get seeds from mature crops
and i dont wanna talk about the 5% chance for a extra seed (its really hard).
Vintagestory already have a depth and i would like see a mechanic that is more complexe to get seeds.
Flax could be harvested and seeds by thresing them whit an flail and drying in sunlight.
bulbs to prick out whit tools
Automation / advance crafting
Automation in a way is very important. i'm not talking about robots just like simple things:
Pottery table, waterwheel, automated saw for sawmils, spinning wheel, loom ,bellows
all this kind of stuff should be implemented.
Discuss, comment, would see what you think.
//cheers Haku
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