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Is it possible to change playstyle after worldgen?


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Almost anything that is configurable at world creation can later be changed via ingame commands.

Here's the list: https://wiki.vintagestory.at/index.php?title=List_of_server_commands#World_Control


  • Any command you enter will only take effect after you stop and restart the server.
  • Do not include the square brackets when writing the command. Those just mean "put a valid value here".
  • Not all values are valid for all commands, even if the command accepts the value. For example, food spoiling can never be set to 0, only 0.1 or above (in other words, the wiki is wrong).
  • The value listed as "default" may not be the value your world currently has, based on the settings you chose at world creation.


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That does not exist, no. The default "day" length is fixed. How much of that is daylight and how much is nighttime depends on your location ingame and the time of year, as Vintage Story simulates seasons, climate, and latitude.

You can define the length of a year, but that might be one of the few settings only available at world creation.

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