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Better map GUI


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I would like the ability to pull up a list on my map of all of my waypoints, and to sort them by name, symbol or color. A search bar to look up names, and filter for color and symbol would be lovely. I would also like the ability to select one from a list, to modify it, and jump to it on the map. One could either double click a waypoint in the list for the map to center on it, or click a specified button. I would like the ability to modify waypoints on the list so that I could pin them.

For example search "Iron" for all waypoints with iron in the name, and filter symbols so I can decide if I want ones marked with pickaxe as untouched deposits, or filter by ladder for deposits that've been turned into mines. To filter by colour would allow for people to color code deposit quality like poor, rich, or bountiful. Then I could pin the ones I want to travel towards/

 I explore far and wide and make many waypoints to mark things in much detail. To find and set a destination without scrolling clumsily through the map would be nice. With days of exploration, scrolling around on the map can sometimes take a bit to load area and make it painful if I am zoomed in trying to click on each dot to find out what exactly it is. 

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