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Better End game content Ideas than just a Steam Age

Cameron Textor

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Since in the roadmap it says "End-Game Content (Steam Age?)"

The real end game content / age should be some form of an electrical age with electrical switches, electrical wiring, lighting etc. to be a alternative to minecrafts redstone.

Eventually the electrical age should reach the point that the player could use solar panels, wind turbines, batteries, power poles, configurable step up and step down transformers, generators, relays, etc to build a power plant that could be powered by burning coal or oil to produce steam to drive turbines to turn a series of generators with a flywheel on the end or use solar panels wired in series and or wind turbines to charge batteries to build a grid to produce large amounts of power.

Look at the electrical age mod for minecraft to see a example of what the end game age should contain.

But... Pssst. maybe the final age of the game could go ever farther than electricity, perhaps the final age should be one with the transistor and computers and electronics or even a SPACE age.

there should be some really advanced age that would reach the point to show how the ancients in the game cracked time travel and caused the civilization in vintage story to collapse.

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