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Cups & Mugs


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Whenever we get alcohol (soon, hopefully), it's going to feel weird drinking them out of bowls like we do currently. 
I think it would be nice to have various types of cups that can store liquids. You can have clay mugs, transparent or colored glasses, metal cups, maybe some funky looking trader-only cups with designs on them and stuff. Perhaps for the sake of fairness they should be able to hold just as much liquid as their bowl counterparts. You could go all the way and even have glass bottles for long-term liquid storage and then people could actually have wine cellars!
I feel that any update that includes the ability to make alcohol but not the capacity to make a functioning bar and storage system would be missing out on a critical element of immersion. 

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I talked about how there should be Tea of some sort in the game. Right now with weather affecting our HP, I feel there should be a form of tea we can make that will help counter the cold. using things like flowers and berries we can create different combinations that will do different things for us. The obvious one warming our body temp to stay just above freezing to death. if heat is also going to affect us perhaps a tea to cool us down Using an Ice block and a certain flower and a berry. another idea for a tea could in the way of lowering food consumption by 5% but lowering health by 1 (gotta have those trade offs right). Just something to think about if we were to get cups and mugs added. Then perhaps we could have a sort of smaller bag like a 3 slot bag specific for keeping things warm and or cold. SO to warm it up you gotta place it into the cooking pot that has boiled water and then the bag stays warm for like 1 in game day or something. and you can do that same within the crafting menu by adding Ice block to the bag and it can only store food items so they dont spoil as fast,  however the bag itself has its trade off you lose like 5% movement speed or 10% to hunger.

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