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vOS Sadfacehotfix (v1.5.1.5)


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Version, a stable release, is now ready for download in the account manager.

So many hotfixes :<
Also press kit. And less bugs \o/

Website Updates

  • There's now a Press kit page. If you need a high quality version of the logo for video thumbnails or similar, feel free to get them there.

Game updates

  • Tweak: Eating on a multiplayer server with a slow connections should be working a bit more reliably now
  • Tweak: Disabled physics simulation for far away, inactive creatures. Should improve server performance by a few percent if theres many entities loaded
  • Tweak: Disabled sneaking while a gui dialog is opened, because it's annoying
  • Fixed: Bamboo trees unbreakable and not affected by fire
  • Fixed: All water invisible on MacOS 
  • Fixed: Fast mouse wheel scrolling also scrolling the chat dialog scrollbar altough it's not focused
  • Fixed: Ambient occlusion weirdness on some blocks
  • Fixed: Pumpkin vines growing in mid-air
  • Fixed: Removed Wolf howling orchestras (should no longer howl simultaenously)
  • Fixed: Rare server crash (InvalidOperationException)
  • Fixed: Client command .reconnect crashing
  • Fixed: Client command .clients crashing (probably)
  • Fixed: Ice blocks in gui rendering in front of item tooltips
  • Fixed: Bamboo breaking overlay often not following the bamboo shape

API Updates

  • Fixed: Survial mod crashing if itemtypes/blocktypes were loaded with wrong datatypes in their json source

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