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Some more cooking recipes (Link similar/same suggestions please)


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Cooking itself is.... lacking.

I love that you can preserve foods, pickle foods, and other things like that.  I love that you can completely seal off an area and classify it as a cellar.  Even how you can get animals and domesticate some of them through breeding process.

What I don't like is the very lack luster selection of food for many of the items you have.  Sure, you can make hearty meals.  That's great!  Perfect, honestly.  What I would like to see is more variety of some of the items we can get as food items used.

Milk; You can already make cheese from it, but with a churner, you should be able to make butter and use the butter in porridge to make a better meal.  You can also use butter to make buttered toast with the bread that we can already make, and have a better effect.

Bread; I've already spoke about the buttered toast (Butter and bread combination in the inventory to make) however, there's also the fact that you have meat and veggies and combine them with two breads, you can have a sandwich.  Or simply add some peanuts (They are a legume like Soy Beans) and some jam between two pieces to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  To make the peanut butter, you would have to grind it, then cook the peanut powder with butter in a cooking pot.  If you don't have enough items to make these items, then there should be the option to simply add jam on the bread to make jam toast.  Or cook the bread with an egg and butter to make a French toast.

Flour; You can only do one thing with flour.  Make bread.  What if we wanted to make something else instead with the flour we have?  Like a pie?  Flour, butter, milk, and either fruit or jam to make a pie.  You should also have the option of making a simple cake with flour, honey, milk, and butter.  Cake itself would be with jam instead of honey.  With flour we can make some fried meats.  Add flour, meat, and butter to make it.

Meat; Smoked meat should be introduced as well.  using a similar set up for the charcoal except the fire has to be below the meat and loaded up with a type of log.  Let it set in the "smoker" completely sealed off (no lights and no air pockets) to make the smoked meat.  Smoked meat would have a longer time before spoiling, and can be used with anything that involves meat.  Including sandwich.  Meals made with smoked meat would also benefit from a longer spoil time as well.  Including preserving foods in sealed crocks.

Eggs; We should be able to boil a simple egg.  It don't have to be very fulfilling, just something to bite into until a bigger meal is ready and you don't die from total starvation.  Eggs should also be used to make omelets, poached, and anything from the listed items above.  Omelets would be the most satisfying thing to use an egg with, just not satisfying enough to give any more then 1/4th hunger.  Omelets would be made with eggs and veggies and meat.  Poached eggs would have to be with a cracked egg in a bowl and water in the crockpot.  Add in the egg when the pot gets hot.

Frying pan; The frying pan should be an easy way to introduce many of these recipe ideas.  To make one, you would need a metal (Copper, iron, ect...) and an anvil only.  No mold.  The frying pan may also be a door way to introduce other food recipe ideas as well.


If any of these suggestions have been made, please link them in the comments as I'm certain you have a much better idea on how everything would be used and for what purpose.

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