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Microblock Builds Combined with Functional Items.


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So this is sth I noticed could be a very neat new feature.

I was playing with microblock chisseling for quite some time. It already is a huge creativity engine I can make new floors, wallpapers new items, lecterns books you name it! But when I built chairs and tables they are simply treated as blocks, no function no use other than esthetics.

Now what if we can combine chisseled crafted items with tables, chairs, weapons, potions, foods in the crafting menu? This allows our creativity be expressed functionally now.

- That sword model looks bad? Want sth better?

- There is no coffe/whine/beagles/buns/whisky/vodka whatever consumable in the game?

- There are no fancy decorated chairs in the game?

- Want a more complicated and different style medieval/greek/roman/modern table or bed?

With this feature all those are now possible, only limited to your imagination.

i just posted this image to show that I got wine in my room, that wine is just a decoration piece, why not allow players to make that into a functonal food item they can sell as their own brand in multiplayer for example?


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i think starting with microchiseled fireplaces, chests etc would be nice (and looking through the mod section should definitively be doable).
microchiseled tools could already become a bit more complicated. as you don't combine blocks into tools
and microchiseled food items might be the most problematic to implement, thinking about it, not really it could be handled like bowls, but wait, that way it would bloat up the itemlist indefinitely. tools and food items might have the same problem.


btw. that room looks awesome.

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The game could be made to recognise the tool and the microchiseled blocks on a specific ID basis (if it doesn't already do it), this will allow item stacking if say... You combine 10x TinBronze Axes with 10x identical microchiseled bloks.

This will not expand tool amount infinitely it will simply recognize a TinBronzeAxe + microblock skin.

Than again I'm no programmer, I have no idea if this is possible or how it affects the game performance.

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