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After breaking full skep, no honey or reeds are dropped, only a skep that I can't pickup


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I have a little bee setup with 4 skeps surrounded by flowers. All four skeps had a large population and were indicating that they were ready to be harvested. I broke the first skep, and instead of dropping honeycomb and reeds, it just dropped a mini skep that I could not pick up. I tried it with a second skep, this time the bees swarmed and stung the dummy, but again no honeycomb or reeds, only the small skep that I could not pickup. I have broken skeps successfully in other worlds, and even once I broke two skeps in this world and they dropped the stuff they are supposed to. I think that was in version 1.14.3. I have since updated to 1.14.4, then 1.14.5. The problem happened to me today playing 1.14.5. I am playing single player. 


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