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Weather pattern commands?

Mikel Monleón

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/weather lp gives you a list of weather patterns. Then use /weather setir [weatherpattern] ([weatherpattern] = one of the list entries) to change the weather in your current region, or use /weather set [weatherpattern] to change the weather in all regions.

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I don't think that's possible, since climate is tied to world generation.

/weather setprecip [-1..1|auto] lets you override the precipitation value with a constant value (values from -1 to 0 will disable precipitation with varying intensities of rain clouds) until you change it again.

You could also modify the minRain, maxRain, rainRange, and possibly durationHours values of existing weather patterns in \Vintagestory\assets\game\config\weatherpatterns (ideally as a mod), or create your own weather pattern and load it with /weather setir. Modifying existing weather patterns would affect all regions and all worlds though.

This wiki page and looking at existing weather patters should help you create your own patterns.

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