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skin presets?


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I like the possibilities with the skin editor so far, but i think it would be nice to be able to use the same skin in all worlds (making the character more recognizable), instead of having to recreate it each time.

My suggestion therefore is an option:
A) to define a preset and to be able to load it into the skin editor (I prefer this method) or
B) to make the skin editor a global player setting (like most other games with customizable skins i know do it) and (other than these) load that skin as a base when creating a character joining a world instead of a random one, this may be less coding to do than A and does the same, but having several different presets wouldn't be possible.

Of course it only benefits the most people, that play in multiple worlds and want to be recognized by the same criterias each time, but i think others might benefit from it too (and be it they can play around with the skin editor outside a world until they found the look they want).

A downside would be mods that gave additional skin options would need to be installed in every world you want to play with a preset that makes use of them. But at this point i'm unaware of any such mod.

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