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Display case breaks overlays


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Maybe this isn't strictly a bug and the code is working fine, but it's annoying and I hate it so please fix it. 😁

Any time I try and place an item that uses an overlay into a Display Case, or even a shelf, the game is completely unable to parse it. Perhaps I'm just doing it wrong (that'd be nice), but the only way I've found around this is to create a single texture for every variant I want to use an overlay for. I want to just apply some berries to the existing bread shapes and textures, but I have to create one texture for Flax Blueberry bread, one texture for Spelt Blueberry bread, and so on, AS WELL AS DIFFERENT SHAPE FILES FOR EACH ONE! 

This is really bloaty and bad and I would prefer to not do it. Again, I might just be doing it wrong, but if I'm not it seems like an oversight that should be corrected.

Display cases and shelves should be able to recognize item overlays.

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