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In-game screenshot viewer and categoriser


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I found screenshot feature surprisingly useful in VS. Idk why, maybe there is no map, or maybe because it is built-in so good. Btw, love the sound.

I found it comfortable to screenshot places of interest to return to later, instead of writing down coords in a notebook irl. Quite comfortable to open an explorer window in parallel and scroll through screenshots if needed.

It might be even more comfortable if I could look at the screenshots right in game, instead of alt-tabbing into a windows Explorer.

And have a built-in categoriser which allows to quickly assign tag(s) to screenshots. E.g. "ore" "ruin" "berries" "chickens" "base" "outpost" etc. So later it would be easier to search in them, e.g. viewing only ore-related screenshots.

[Update]: ideally some map may be available with screenshots attached to coords they are taken, with filters to show only ore/ruins/... Which connects to another existing suggestion of maps where all your ore surveys are accumulated :)

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