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List of ALL Weather Patterns in the Game

Cameron Textor

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This is a list of all weather patterns in the game from the official files, these pattern names should be added to the official wiki.

useful Commands

/weather acp (Makes weather pattern auto cycle)


Typing /weather setev [event] during a weather pattern toggles these events


Rain FALL control command 

/weather setprecip [-1..1|auto] (-1 = no rain / 1 = heaviest rain / auto = game auto decides)

Official Main cloud Weather Patterns

typing /weather setir [pattern] using any of these will change the weather pattern.

stratusl - Light long flat streaks of clouds and foggy
stratusc - Light long flat streaks of clouds

overcast - 100% clouds
overcastundulating - Overcast with undulating clouds everywhere

if you know of any other unlisted weather commands list them in your replies.

stronghaze - Rare Strong haze
mediumhaze - Medium haze everywhere

cumulus - Cumulus clouds and clear sky
scumulus - Small cumulus clouds and clear sky

cumulonimbus - Cumulonimbus clouds / Towering clouds
cumulonimbusr - Cumulonimbus clouds with rain
cumulonimbusrf - Cumulonimbus clouds with rain and ceiling fog

clearsky - Clear sky with SOME clouds

cirrocumulus - Many small clouds
cirrocumulusm - Cirrocumulus clouds with mist
altocumulus - Many medium sized clouds


typing in /weather setw [pattern] will set the wind to one of these patterns

lightbreeze - A light breeze
mediumbreeze - A medium breeze
still - No wind
storm - Heavy thunderstorm like winds
strongbreeze - A strong breeze

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