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Fellow Vintarians! A slightly delayed news entry, not because there was no progress, but I just couldn't get around writing a new entry in the last 3 days.

  • Players can now step on stairs blocks - this was a new challenge because a stairs block actually consists of 2 hitboxes. One of a slab and a half length one on top for the second step.
  • Added the basics for fence gates (connecting with fences, opening/closing)
  • The Server can now also load compiled mods, previously they had to be source files
  • Added code obfuscation and other preperations for a game release. Personally I couldn't care less for code obfuscation, but with a standard C# decompiler you can basically read the whole source code of the game just without code comments - not much different than to release the whole game as open source - which is not the kind of business model I want to follow. Also, very significant parts of the code will remain unobfuscated, such as the mod api. It would also be thinkable for me to remove the obfuscation for certain parts of the codebase in the future if it would contribute to the modability for the game
  • Added serveral dialogs to be able to rename and delete singleplayer worlds
  • Did some work to allow advanced text editing: We now have a Caret (the blinking vertical line) and you can move around that caret using cursor keys and Home/End keys like you would be used to in a Text editor. Multiline editing is also more or less working. Being able to select text is missing still.
  • Added a new feature to the block json model format: Individual cubes of a block can now be rotated in any of 3 axes together and allow any angle (not just 22.5 degree steps). This update also included the necessary updates on the model editor. 
  • Finished implementation of block materials (e.g. stairs, doors, planks are of material "wood"). Added some new tools (axe, sword, hoe, shovel) 
  • Implemented mining speed bonus when using tools on blocks (acccording to the block material - so an axe is faster with breaking wooden materials)
  • Implemented that items can take damage.

    (Uhoh I Need to change the interpolation method for items in guis, they look very pixely O_O)

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