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Recreational (artisanal) Options


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I'd love to see more 'recreational' options in-game, such as painting, instrument making/playing, and a pottery expansion:


several vividly colored berries and flowers exist in the world of Vintage Story already, along with minerals like sulfur and coal, one could easily come up with recipes for very basic Dyes and Paints. Allow Paper making or even a Linen Canvas, and Painting per-pixel/voxel much like the other systems. What could be left in the end is a nice wall decoration that could be framed or hung as-is in player structures. could add various brush types as well, such as feather or reed for various effects or ability to glaze clay pottery/stain on hides or wood blocks...


Clay-work expansion:

just let us do free-form molding with clay, an option similar to other clay making, but this will be essentially a 'useless' sculpture/figure for decoration. Heck using the 'painting' concept, let us paint/glaze the free-form clay items too! I'd love to have some red stoneware for a kitchen :) or some porcelain white figurines on a shelf



 it goes without saying that to show growing through stone>copper>bronze>iron ages without acknowledging the artisans of the era is unfortunate, it wouldn't be a stretch to imagine the people of vintage story lore would stumble across Shells and blow into them, or carve wood/bone flutes, stretch hides across wood for drums, etc.. could introduce a 'tiered' musical instrument system as well, with primal instruments being single tone flutes, reed whistles, Conch shells, and hollow log drums. then in the early wood/metalwork stages simple carved reed flutes with 2 or 3 notes, ocarinas of clay, non-stationary drums.. and finally at Tier3 metal (bronze) we could have "brass" instruments such as trumpets, cymbals, tubas, and flutes allowing players to play a multitude of notes (via midi controller or, more simply via ABC file, or even num-pad). I'm not sure how you'd work string instruments into that tier list, but you get the idea :)



If these are considered 'fluff' and something not in the dev team's interest I think it would make for a great mod!

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I love the idea, but:

The player character is somewhat a generalist, that seems to not really have time (especially early on) to make use of these or even learn how to craft (or even invent) the more sophisticated things mentioned (dyeing textiles is kinda complicated as is making more complex instruments).

Pixelised painting should definitely be added, but it actually kinda is already with the more complex chiseling options i saw on servers and in youtube videos.

Similar the "useless", better called only decorative, clay things, you could use chert or claystone or even bricks to chisel things like that.

I'd love to be able to make the decorative clay stuff traders sell and can be found in ruins. I'd love to create at least simple clothing (as said the more sophisticated stuff, dying textiles is a science for its own, might be npc only for now, but a simple tunic or pants or shoes shouldn't be too much for someone able to craft leather armor, cambesons, backpacks, etc.).

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