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My fellow Vintarians! Here are todays updates. Delayed due to two days occupying most of my IRL time and a massive update on the existing codebase, the largest one in recent weeks. 

  • torch2.gifAdded client side block ticking, which, in simple terms allows blocks to emit particles, like torch particles. I still need to make proper smoke particles.
  • Did some more work and fixes to make connecting to multiplayer servers work again. There is still some components that I have to fix up again for multiplayer to work properly (e.g. other players being visible and moving around)
  • Massive overhaul of the chat system client side and serverside as well as large cleanup/rewrite of all server commands. Vintagestory is now supports the basics for player groups and separate "chat rooms" for each player group. This has inifinite possibilities. Just a few ideas what this can be used for:
    • Guilds!
    • Player partys going adventuring together 
    • Team chats for Creative Build Teams, or any Team vs Team game (i.e. UHC?)
    • Private conversations
    • Scripting console
    • Server console
    • Damage Log
  • The new chat system also includes
    • Nearly 1000 Lines of code for managing player groups (create group, disband group, rename group, invite player, kick player, leave group, accept group invite, op player, deop player, etc). The owner has all the privileges over a player group and can grant operators ("op") status to players which then in turn can invite and kick normal members.
    • An upgraded chat dialog that shows several clickable tabs, one for each "chat room", has a scroll bar and benefits from the upgraded text editing system and modular gui elements. All elements work the same way you are used to from your favorite operating system, so they feel immediately intuitive and natural to use.
    • 2016-07-20_18-01-03.png



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