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Time consistency on Servers


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Time plays an ever increasing role in Vintage Story from crop growth, item processing, and food storage. Depending on server settings you could log out on a small server, come back and nothing has changed. Then you have to wait for those time sensitive tasks to get done. Also on a small server you could also log out and find several months have passed since you were gone and now all your food is rot, crops have gone wild, etc. Without consistency it becomes impossible to plan ahead for a time sensitive task. There's already a server setting to keep the time ticking when no one is on the server, so that solves the first source of inconsistency. The second source is players sleeping through the night. While it is true that you can set the passage of time and how quickly things progress, that's a lot of fiddling and all it does is give a larger window. It doesn't solve the issue of inconsistent passage of time. For that the sleep function needs to be disabled. As it stands it takes a mod in order to disable that ability, where I think it should be an option in server setup.

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