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Notepad++ language settings for VS-JSON files [download]


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For better visibility and debugging (see samples below) i created an own overlay for json files for Notepad++ based on Vintage Story keywords.
Some keywords are sepcially colored like "game:"-Items and some of mod items   (if someone has a list of mod IDs > please send these to me so i can add these so all mod IDs are highlighted correctly)

File Date:  2021-03-20

    More keywords added.  Actually over 450!
                        If already using:  delete the existing user language "vintagestory" first before importing the new file.  After import restart Notepage++.

2021-03-13    Added additional Mod ID's (22 now) + several keywords (especially from shape json files)

Actual implemented Mod-ID's
acorns arplants betterstairs carrycapacity expandedfoods extrachests farmlife game helvehammerext hudclock linenbackpack medievalexpansion morerecipes primitivesurvival survivalcats usefulstuff weaponpacka wildfarming workbenchexpansion xeffects xlib xskills

How to install
- Menu "Language"
- "User defined language"  >> "Define your language"
- Click on "Import..." and select the downloaded xaml-file
- restart Notepad++
- now "vintagestory" is added to the Language-menu at the bottom
- Thats all  :)    Up now every json file will be automatically formatted by these settings


compostbin.json from Farmlife-Mod   -  On the left the default JSON language settings of Notepad++ - on the right the new one



deadfall.json from PrimitiveSurvival-Mod.   E.g. here are "game:" strings highlighted in red-yellow - Mod names are highlighted in blue-cyan




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