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single player hunger set at 0 not working


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I'm not sure what you mean. Did you try using the /worldconfig playerHungerSpeed command?

If so, what exactly did you type in? The command is case sensitive (small and large letters must match), and there is no error checking whether the value you chose is valid. For example, if you entered [0] because you looked at the wiki and it shows square brackets there, then it will happily accept that value, but it will not work because this is wrong. The square brackets are just a placeholder for "enter your value here", and need to be left out in practical application. So you have to really pay attention to what you type.

Additionally, all /worldconfig commands only take effect after you quit to main menu and reload the world. If you did not do that, then even if you entered the command correctly, you would not see any difference (yet).

Finally, the wiki is wrong in places. Some of the configurable values are not allowed to go all the way to zero. I know for a fact that foodSpoilSpeed has a minimum of 0.1, even though the wiki claims it goes to 0. This is wrong, a zero does not work. Perhaps playerHungerSpeed is the same, and you cannot actually turn it off, only set it really low.

If you don't want to deal with survival mechanics, have you considered /gamemode creative? That one works without restarting the world, too... ;)


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