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Oh fellow Vintarians! Let's look what I've done since last update

  • Preparations for an upgrade on the tree generator, which will allow for greater flexibility in the types of trees generated. Tried out a few variants to allow 2 and 3 thick tree trunks. Settled with a multi-trunk-per-tree generation system. Upgraded tree generator to allow different style sub branches 
  • Added a very basic WorldEdit mod that allows clearing and placing any size cubes of blocks. Available commands:
    • /we ms  Marks a start position
    • /we me Marks an end position
    • /we fillm Fills the marked cube with the currently held block
    • /we clearm Clears the marked cube from any blocks
    • /we clear w h  Clears a cube with w length and h height around the player
    • Any suggestions for other useful WorldEdit commands?
  • Added bulk-block-update capabilities to the server and client which gives a massive performance boost when clearing/placing many blocks at once. (Perfect for huge explosions \o/)
  • Added ability for the lake generator to generate any depth lakes (previously they could only be 1 deep)
  • Controls Setting: Refactor of all existing key combination features to an event driven system, allowing one central component of the client to manage all key kombinations. The Settings dialog now displays all available game controls and they can be set to any key combination of your liking (want to walk forward using CTRL + ALT + W? Uhm ok, sure..)
  • Was forced to refactor significant portions of the GUI system which threw off alignments of gui elements in many places :/
  • And the best for last: Making use of the gui refactor, the new key combination system and additional work on text editing I've designed a macro editor from scratch that let's use assign any amount of chat commands to a key combination. Example: Map the command "/time set day" to CTRL+Z
    It made designing new trees so much faster and I never want to go back <3
    It also opens up a huge amount of possibilities of things I can do with it in the future.


    The editor currently allows you to assign 14 macros, but it can be easily extended for an infinite amount. Each macro gets it's own procedurally generated icon. This is there because at a later point I want to have a skill bar e.g. on the right side of the screen and simply click on a macro with my mouse cursor. This would also go well together with any special skills the player has (e.g. healing spell? powerup spell?)

    The commands textarea is basically a fully functioning text editor coded from scratch as well. The only missing feature is selecting text, anything else is working the same as in a windows notepad.
  • Many many bugfixes and tweaks all over the place 

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