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Need tips on block orientation (like slab)

Mat Fenric

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I'm sure others could explain it better than I can, but open up your VS directory and go to assets/survival/blocktypes/stone/cobble/cobblestonestairs.json. In that file you can find this string of code:

	variantgroups: [
		{ loadFromProperties: "block/rock" },
		{ loadFromProperties: "abstract/verticalorientation" },
		{ loadFromProperties: "abstract/horizontalorientation" },
		{ code: "cover", states: ["free", "snow"] }

What you're interested in are the verticalorientation and horizontalorientation properties. These are what allow a block to be oriented in different directions. The vertical orientation is up/down, while the horizontal orientation is north/south/east/west. The cover group determines if the block has snow on it or not. So the block cobblestonestairs-granite-up-north-free would be a standard cobble stairway that you place on the ground and isn't covered in snow.

What I did when making new blocks with orientation was to copy the stairs file and then change the important parts (variantgroups, attributes, shapes/textures). There may be a better way, but it got the job done for me.

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