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4k -> FullHD resolution

Frithjof Grude

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Thanks, I'll try that next. After asking on discord I was pointed to the in-game command ".resolution" which is marked undocumented in the wiki.

.resolution 1920 1080

This caused the game to occupy a quarter of my desktop. Not ideal. I had expected it to actually switch display resolution.

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Yeah, this likely sets the window size, not the display resolution.

Many games take over the screen when you run them, which allows the game to dictate the display resolution. Vintage Story doesn't do that. I have had experience with this in an older version, where the native Windows UI scaling was mistakenly being applied to the ingame UI - and poorly so, leading to nearly unreadable font. Since I also have a fairly high DPI display, I always have UI scaling active, and I couldn't properly play VS until I turned it back to 100%.

Tyron came through and fixed that issue :) So nowadays everything works just fine for me. But as you can see, the game really has no control over the display resolution, and always inherits what the OS prescribes. I don't think that can easily be changed, either.

Why do you want to run at 1080p, by the way? Maybe there's a workaround.

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I'm a software developer. If the game does Direct3D calls directly, then it's a matter of setting refreshrate to the monitor's refreshrate (can be enumerated with DXGI) and setting fullscreen to true. (Or windowed to false if Direct3D9).

There might be problems on a multi-monitor setup though, so that requires extra fiddling with the window.

Doing windowed fullscreen is easier to deal with for the developer than exclusive fullscreen, but it may reduce the performance of the game. Besides the obvious fact that you can't have a different resolution than your desktop.

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