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I made DLive create the Vintage Story game category!

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Hello everyone,

Not long ago I decided to start streaming on DLive. Mainly Vintage Story.

At that moment DLive didn't have Vintage Story in their list of games/categories when choosing what you are streaming. So I contacted the DLive Support, and after a brief exchange with one of their team members, they added Vintage Story.

I know this might not be a huge thing, but I felt really good, and I'm proud to be the one that made Vintage Story appear on DLive!

I'm sharing the "proof" of my claim here, LOL:



I'm going live playing Vintage Story on Tuesdays and Thursdays from about 16:00 to 18:00 UTC-3 on DLive. Every time I post a quick message in the Vintage Story Discord server (in #videos-and-streams):

"The man that made DLive create the Vintage Story game category, it's going LIVE: https://dlive.tv/TheSurvivemer" 

Again... I know this is silly, but I'm proud of it and to be the only one that can have the rightful claim for that phrase every time I start a stream!

Thanks a lot to the Vintage Story Team for this awesome game!

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