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Item ID's

Adam M

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  • 8 months later...

I don't see a list but here is an example of what I am seeing from the Json files from the VS Roleplay classes modpack.

If you want a Temporal Gear.  Its /Giveitem gear-Temporal 1 **Playername** for the admin command.

Json file :


"type": "item",
                "code": "game:gear-Temporal"


Hope the information is helpful

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  • 7 months later...

the best option
 /gamemode 2 will enable creative, /gamemode 1 will return survival

 or more difficult and too little that we managed to find out

open console /

/giveitem (name) (amount)

giveitem backpack 4 leather backpack
giveitem miningbag 1 mining backpack
giveitem quiver 1 quiver

giveitem firestarter 1 steel
giveitem plumbandsquare 1 plumb and square
giveitem solderingiron 1 soldering iron
giveitem sling 1 sling

waterportion 1 water
weaktanninportion 1 weak tannin
strongtanninportion 1 strong tannin
vinegarportion 1 vinegar
slakedlimeportion 1 slaked lime
limewaterportion 1 limewater
honeyportion 1 honey
dilutedchromiteportion 1 diluted chromite
dilutedcassiteriteportion 1 diluted cassiterite
dilutedboraxportion 1 diluted storm
dilutedalumportion 1 diluted alum
brineportion 1 brine
cottagecheeseportion 1 serving of grain cottage cheese
curdledmilkportion 1 serving curdled milk
milkportion 1 serving of milk

bamboostakes 1 bunch of bamboo pegs
beeswax 1 beeswax
bone 1 bone
candle 1 candle
giveitem charcoal 1 charcoal
giveitem coke 1 coke
compost 1 compost
giveitem drygrass 1 dry grass
giveitem fat 1 piece of fat
giveitem feather 1 feather
giveitem firewood 1 firewood
giveitem flaxfibers 1 flax fiber
giveitem flaxtwine 1 linen twine
giveitem flint 1 flint
honeycomb 1
ironbloom 1 shout
mortar 1 mortar
oakbark 1 oak bark
papyrusroot 1 papyrus root
papyrustops 1 papyrus
quicklime 1 quicklime
giveitem rope 1 rope
rot 1 rot
sail 1 sail (part of a windmill)
scrapweaponkit 1 scrap weapon crafting kit
giveitem sewingkit 1 sewing kit
something 1 something to always drop from the drifter
giveitem stick 1 stick
blastingpowder 1 explosive powder
bonemeal 1
lime 1 lime
potash 1 potash (fertilizer)
powderedborax 1 powdered borax
powderedsulfur 1 sulfur powder
salt 1 salt
saltpeter 1 saltpeter
amethyst 1 amethyst
clearquartz 1 rhinestone
rosequartz 1 rose quartz
smokyquartz 1 smoky quartz

magicwand 1 magic wand(world editor)

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