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Add Option where to save the game world in


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You can already do that via a shortcut commandline argument. This is admittedly not the most straightforward or newcomer-friendly way, and perhaps a better solution could be implemented. But for the time being, you can use this method to get what you want. You will be ordering Vintage Story to use a different directory as its Data directory. The Data directory is where your user data is stored, such as savegames, logfiles, mods and mod configs, and so on.

First, you'll want to create the directory where you want your savegames and other user data to be saved, somewhere on your D drive. Next, go find your vintagestory.exe file, wherever you have it installed to. Create a shortcut to this file. You'll need to use the shortcut to launch the game from now on, because this shortcut will be telling Vintage Story at startup which directory it must use as its Data directory.

I've described how I've set it up on my end in this thread here, it should have everything you need.

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