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Mod Request- Mini map only, with simpler waypoints.


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Greetings once again!

Not too long ago I made a number of suggestions regarding mapping and world navigation, and posted a mod request that I think led to a compass mod being made that I may very well use on my server till something comes to the core game that serves the purpose.

In conversation with one of the guys on my server, we came to an idea that I wanted to make another mod request for.

We'd like to see a server-side mod that:

  • Removes coordinates from the game altogether- the coordinate overly system as well as coordinates on the mini map when you hover over it- we'd like to see them completely removed.
  • We'd also like to have the large "m" key map disabled. We ONLY want the mini map option.
  • We also do not want to be able to zoom the mini map out beyond the default range or drag it around. We only want to be able to see on the mini map the area immediately around us.
  • Lastly, we don't want waypoints to be pin-able.  We want to be able to mark the map, but we want the waypoint guiding mechanics removed.

If this could be done easily and anyone would be willing to make such a mod, we'd be grateful. It would meet the middle ground we are looking for, nicely.


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This should do what you want:

The mod is universal, so needed on both server, and client.

Key Bindings:

  • Disabled 'M' Key Binding.
  • Disabled 'V' Key Binding.


  • Disabled "Show Coordinates HUD" in Settings Menu.
  • Disabled coordinates being shown when hovering over the mini-map.
  • Disabled mini-map scrolling.
  • Mini-map zoom levels now range from 2 to 6, rather than 0.25 to 6.
  • Mini-map zoom level defaults to 3, rather than 2.
  • Waypoints cannot be pinned. I've re-written both the '/waypoint' command, and the Add/Edit Waypoint GUIs. Even works with Waypoint Extensions mod.
  • Coordinates HUD disabled by default, and cannot be enabled.
  • Mini-map visible by default, but can still be manually hidden by player.

Let me know if there's anything you'd change.

I've tested it in a Single Player world, but not on a multi-player server.


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