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Add config file to modify attributes of specific drifter types.


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Greetings once again!

I wanted to ask how difficult it might be to create a mod that adds a config file that allows me to, as the post title says, modify attributes of specific drifter types?

I can see where I can modify various things, but aside from damage output, item drops, and health points, any other adjustments I make applies to all drifters.
Also, some key things I'd like to adjust are not available at all in the drifter.json file.
Along with all the options we currently have, I want to be able to do such things as:

  • Extend the attack range of individual drifters (tainted, corrupted, and nightmare drifters in my game since they obviously have pipes and swords attached to the end of their arms, which should give them at least close to the same range a player has with a longsword)..
  • Enable step height (climbing more than one block high) for individual drifters (deep drifters in my game, since logic would imply that in their time underground they have learned to climb to some degree, and both hands are empty- unlike with their more deadly cousins, making it impossible for them to climb).
  • Adjust walking speed for specific drifters.
  • Adjust aggro range for specific drifters.

You get the general idea.

I'd love to be able to tweak these settings to make each drifter type a bit more varied, and remove the ability to pillar up and slaughter them wholesale at the player's leisure.  It would keep player's on their toes a bit more in combat and remove the pillar-ing option in most situations beyond dealing with surface drifters, and without adding any new mobs or behavior to the game.

Another humbly submitted request...

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Success!!  Figured out how to make only deep drifters climb.
A big thanks to Mr1k3 for pointing me in the right direction. ;)

Now to figure out how to tweak attack range of specific drifters.
I think that is going to be a harder nut to crack.

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