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Stingy deathly, yet less deadly Hotfix (v1.5.2.3)


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Hokay, getting close to a stable release now, I think! Version, a testing release, is now ready for download in the account manager. 

Took the freedom to add a liiiittle bit more than bugfixes.


Game updates

  • Feature: Added a bit of variety to the death messages
  • Tweak: Honey now heals twice as much and bowls take half as long to break 
  • Tweak: Added a damage log to the chat window, should help us find the ladder damage bug
  • Tweak: Quadrupled bamboo sapling drop rate
  • Tweak: Lanterns with lining now give an extra light level
  • Tweak: Improved texture atlas generation speed, worlds should load up 0.5 - 2 seconds faster
  • Tweak: The server now sends required mods to the client. The client prevents you from joining a server if you don't have the required mods and tells you which you have to get.
  • Tweak: Shift+Left click stacks into chests should work again if the backpack inventory is closed
  • Tweak: Water waving speed now depends on game speed
  • Tweak: Added some smoke and particle effects when breaking loot vessels. Some more drops for ore and forage loot vessels.
  • Tweak: Added server command to remove server password during runtime: /serverconfig nopassword
  • Fixed: Placing lanterns of any type defaulting to copper variant
  • Fixed: Should fix item tool tip box sometimes getting squeezed or stretched
  • Fixed: Missing hotkey for backpack slot 4
  • Fixed: Corner cases where trying to open a chest would immediately close it again 
  • Fixed: Changes to server block ticking, might fix some issues
  • Fixed: Game crashing in invalid arguments on some client commands, such as .movespeed
  • Fixed: Breaking leaves with shears causing ghost air-blocks
  • Fixed: Might fix players getting disconnected by the server not receiving the disconnect reason
  • Fixed: Game crashing when an item textures is missing. Now reports a proper error.
  • Fixed: Reverted to pre-pngcrush textures, fixes severe block texture issues on linux and mac. But spams the incorrect srgb profile thing to console again
  • Fixed: Broken modinfo.json not printing a useful error in the logs
  • Fixed: Game crashing when right clicking with honeycomb into mid air
  • Fixed: Drifters no longer spawning on the surface
  • Fixed: Loot vessels dropping stone tools with broken textures


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