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Stingy Pickup Hotfix (v1.5.2.4 &


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Version, a testing release, is now ready for download in the account manager. 
Unless there is any major annoyance or game breaking issue, I will declare this version as stable in a day or two.

Thanks for all the testing!


Game updates

  • Tweak: A server crash no longer waits for user input to exit
  • Tweak: New version notification for unstable versions only appear if the user is already on an unstable version
  • Fixed: Collected items should enter the backpack inventory again
  • Fixed: Seraph hat/head skinning not resetting properly when removing the hat/head item
  • Fixed: Attack cool-down no longer working
  • Maybe Fixed: Random damage taken on ladders
  • Hopefully Fixed: Water rendering issues where plates were visible
  • Probably Fixed: Chests instantly closing when trying to open them in certain cases

[Edit:] Also just released

  • Tweak: Disabled Asphyxiation mechanic for players until it works properly
  • Fixed: Whitelisting issues
  • Fixed: Server mods required by clients

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