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Server stop requested, begin shutdown sequence. Stop reason: Exception thrown by server during startup or process

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and also this:

3.5.2021 19:21:53 [Fatal] System.Exception: This save game requires world generator standard but no such generator was found! I cannot continue like this, sorry :(
If you really need the contents of the save game, build a tiny mod that registers such world generator that just generates air blocks
   w Vintagestory.Server.ServerSystemSupplyChunks.LoadWorldgenHandlerAndSpawnChunks()
   w Vintagestory.Server.ServerMain.EnterRunPhase(EnumServerRunPhase runPhase)
   w Vintagestory.Server.ServerMain.Launch()
   w _ISiSTzGmXXpAqo3PzdxdVD1bClZ._WpGAXiVoJmxWu1fCRjqBgmcU7Y8()


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When you click on the Mod Manager, do you see three mods listed there? There should be three "core" mods, "Essentials (Code)", "Creative Mode (Code)", and "Survival Mode (Code)". These three are the core required to play the base game, and should be installed on a default game client install. If you don't see them, I'd try running the installer for the game again to see if those get regenerated.

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